20 Things Taylor Swift Could've Been Doing While Not At Kendall's Party

It was Kendall Jenner's 20th birthday on Monday, and to celebrate, she invited all of her famous friends to attend her birthday banger.

Her family, Kanye and even Justin Bieber showed up, but there was one star who was apparently too busy to make an appearance.

Taylor Swift reportedly missed Kendall's party but was photographed dining at a restaurant just a few blocks away.

Taylor Swift could NOT have missed Kendall's birthday party just because she was busy eating her damn dinner. That sounds like bullsh*t.

I don't care how good the soup and bread rolls are; there HAS to be another reason TSwift missed the party.

Here are 20 possible things Taylor Swift could have been doing instead of attending Kendall's party. My money is on number 19, but who really knows.

  1. Getting a Thai massage
  2. Finding Harry Styles
  3. Thinking about the good times with Harry Styles
  4. Breaking up with Calvin Harris
  5. Taking a shower
  6. Writing apology notes to the people who are suing her
  7. Listening to other artists on Spotify
  8. Feeding her cats
  9. Taking pictures of her cats
  10. Figuring out what to do when Adele's album comes out Nov 20
  11. Figuring out how to collaborate with Adele
  12. Asking Adele to join her squad
  13. Trying to reconnect with Jay Z and Beyoncé
  14. Shopping for the Grammys
  15. Fixing things with Katy Perry
  16. JK
  17. Liking her own pics on Instagram
  18. Celebrating her album's birthday instead
  19. Staring at a wall
  20. Harry Styles

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