20 Times Kendall Jenner Was The Most Fashionable Member Of Her Family (Photos)

It feels like yesterday Kendall Jenner was just a youngster getting her start on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Remember when she was 12? It's crazy how time flies.

Kendall has really grown up over the years and today is her 20th birthday.

Although she can't buy alcohol, she's done other crazy things like model for Vogue and walk in Chanel's Metiers D'Art in Salzburg.

Additionally, it was just announced Kendall will be walking in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

CONGRATS, KENDALL. Wow, what a great birthday present for all of us.

Kendall is always wearing the coolest clothes and rocking the most amazing trends.

It's only fair to call her the most fashionable member of her family. (Sorry Kim. Sorry Kylie. Sorry Khloé. Sorry Kourtney. Sorry Kris & Caitlyn. SORRY ROB.)

To help celebrate Kendall's special day, check out 20 of her most stylish moments below (one for every year of her life, duh.) HBD, KENDALL!

1. When she looked perfect in this skirt and crop top while hanging out in some dirty kitchen.

2. When she showed some leg wearing this gorgeous gown and looked absolutely stunning.

3. When she rocked this matching lace blazer and shorts set and looked fierce AF.

4. When she laid there with hearts in her hair and a gown that made her look like an actual goddess.

5. When she was the only person on the planet who could pull off wearing those incredible shoes.

6. When she wore this jeweled green gown and looked like a mermaid princess.

7. When she wore this golden necklace with a matching headpiece and looked flawless.

8. When she killed it in these baby blue pants and paired them with an all beige top.

9. When she was perfection in human form as she showed off this fur vest.

10. When she wore these cool pants.

11. When she was chilling in this car rocking an outfit I could only wear in my hopes and dreams.

12. When she somehow even looked more stylish in black and white.

13. When she casually wore this fancy number and ALSO had beautifully shaped eyebrows.

14. When she modeled this sleeveless dress and wore an adorable matching ring.

15. When she wore a golden dress and my heart actually stopped beating.

16. When she was just enjoying her afternoon and low-key wearing the most beautiful sweater dress in the world.

17. When she changed the game in this all-white, backless jumpsuit.

18. When she towered over Kim wearing this olive green dress and a slicked back pony.

19. When her dress had not just one slit, but two, and it was honestly so magical.

20. And finally, when she spent all day in her Calvins and life as we knew it was never the same again.