Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift May Have Broken Up For The Craziest Reason

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images

Please, dear lord, tell me this isn't real.

Radar Online reported our beloved Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift MIGHT HAVE BROKEN UP. I know, I know. Take a moment to wipe your eyes and take a breath. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER.

Apparently, Calvin Harris went to a Thai massage parlor, known for its "happy endings," on September 12. According to the source, Harris spent two hours there, which made Swift very suspicious about what was really going on.

Additionally, Harris has his own masseuse, so it seems a bit odd that he wanted to get one at a place that charges $40 an hour...

Hmm, Cal, what was really going down at this massage place?

According to the source, Calvin lied to Taylor about his visit. He apparently made an excuse that he needed his shoulder worked on because his own masseuse was sick.

The rumors state Swift dumped Harris while she was still touring. This could possibly explain why Swift recently mentioned she would "take a break" from music.

Is Taylor really using this time to deal with the breakup? Is she taking a break to seek support from her loved ones? Is she going to be OK?


Twitter seems to think so.

People have lost all faith in love.

No matter what, WE'RE HERE FOR YOU TAYLOR.

It looks like this story doesn't have a happy ending.

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