Taylor Swift's "imgonnagetyouback" lyrics reminded Olivia Rodrigo fans of "Get Him Back!"

Taylor's "Imgonnagetyouback" Lyrics Sparked Olivia Rodrigo Comparisons

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The stage might be set for Olivia Rodrigo to get Taylor Swift back — at least, that’s what some fans think. After Rodrigo had to give Swift hundreds of thousands in royalties over songs that sounded too similar to Swift’s, the tables may have turned as Rodrigo’s fans called out a new Swift song that sounds pretty familiar. Shortly after The Tortured Poets Department was released, Swift’s track “imgonnagetyouback” sparked comparisons to Rodrigo’s single “Get Him Back!,” as both songs center on the same play on words.

In “imgonnagetyouback,” Swift toys with an ex by asserting that she’s going to get him back. The lyrics play with the double meaning of that phrase, as Swift goes back and forth between threatening to get revenge on him and fantasizing about rekindling their relationship.

If that concept sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve heard Rodrigo’s 2023 single “Get Him Back!” The song also hinges on the two ways “get him back” can be interpreted, as Rodrigo imagines keying an ex’s car and also kissing him again.

While the two songs don’t actually sound the same, some fans still felt the lyrical content of Swift’s track was too similar to Rodrigo’s, especially given the pair’s history.


Although neither Rodrigo nor Swift has addressed the 2021 drama that led to Swift being added as a writer on a couple of Rodrigo’s songs, fans believe the legal issue caused a massive rift in their once-close friendship. Prior to that, Rodrigo and Swift constantly interacted and shared messages of glowing praise for one another. But they noticeably stopped mentioning each other or being seen together afterwards, and some of Rodrigo’s songs seemed to suggest their friendship had become a feud.

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The two singers haven’t outright said anything about where they currently stand, but things may be on the mend. They both attended the 2024 Grammys, and during Rodrigo’s performance of “Vampire,” Swift was seen singing along and applauding. Maybe that means Rodrigo can get her back... in whatever way she chooses to interpret that phrase.