Taylor Swift Might Be Dressing Tom Hiddleston And He's Losing His Dignity

Mere hours after posting about Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds enjoying a massive cuddle session in Rhode Island, we already have a juicy new installment for you.

According to Daily Mail, it appears T Swift is dressing her new man like a life-size doll. In case you need a quick recap of the cuddle sesh photo that blew up on Instagram over the weekend, here it is:

Thanks to a close-up of that shot, we can see that Tay and Tom are wearing $55 his and hers Soludos espadrilles. Because matching your outfits with bae is so not cringeworthy!

To make matters worse, Tom Hiddleston was seen wearing an "I heart T.S." shirt while frolicking in the ocean with Queen T Swift on Sunday. Did this dude really look into his closet that morning and think, "Yas, this dopey wife beater just screams beach day!" It's very unlikely.

So, what's the deal, Taylor? Are you dressing your man like a real-life Ken doll or is Hiddleston just losing his dignity the old fashioned way? While this is certainly a pot/kettle situation since I likely have no dignity left after writing this post, we'll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this. Because journalism and also #YOLO.

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