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Fans 100% Loved Taylor's Wedding Dress In The "I Bet You Think About Me" Video

Blake Lively is a brilliant director.


Days after dropping her highly-anticipated second re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift surprised fans by giving them a music video for “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” directed by Blake Lively. Swift stars in the video alongside Miles Teller, who plays a groom that’s about to get married but can’t help but think about his ex (aka Swift) on his wedding day. He sees her everywhere he goes and even imagines dancing with her in a wedding dress. Seeing Swift in a wedding dress was the moment fans absolutely lost it. “I will never ever recover from seeing Taylor in a wedding dress. like ever,” one Swiftie tweeted.

Swift wrote “I Bet You Think About Me” in 2011 with country singer Lori McKenna. The song didn’t make Swift’s original Red album, which she released in October 2012, but thankfully, she included it on Red (Taylor’s Version) as one of her “from the vault” tracks. Before unveiling her music video for the song on Nov. 15, Swift told the Boston radio station Country 102.5 that when she wrote “I Bet You Think About Me” with McKenna, she wanted it to be a “comedic, tongue-in-cheek” type of breakup song. “There are a lot of different types of breakup songs on Red,” Swift said. “Some of them are very sincere, some of them are very stoic and heartbreaking and sad. We wanted this to be the moment where you’re like, ‘I don’t care about anything!’”

Swift definitely gave off that energy in her “I Bet You Think About Me” music video. She happily took the first bite of her ex’s wedding cake, taught all the kids at the party how to cleverly flip someone off, and roasted the groom in a drunk speech. Watch the music video below.

Teller’s character continued to imagine Swift all throughout his wedding as he even thought about what it would have been like if he married her instead. At one point, he imagined having his first dance with Swift. While fans loved every moment of the video, they especially loved seeing Swift dancing in a wedding dress. See their reactions below.

If you loved “I Bet You Think About Me,” stream the rest of Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) album below.