Taylor & Derek From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are Reportedly Engaged, So Spoiler Alert?

by Billy Lorusso
ABC/Paul Hebert/Getty Images

Attention, Bachelor nation, we have huge news: According to a confirmed report by Us Weekly, this season of Bachelor in Paradise's most perfect couple, Derek and Taylor, are engaged. From the start, Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan have been the couple to keep your eyes on; they hit it off immediately in paradise and their connection on the show has been obvious ever since, so, really, their engagement comes as a surprise to no one.

I have to say, of all the "couples" on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise, these two definitely seem like the most likely to last. Indeed, from what we've seen so far this season, they're not involved in any of the typical "love triangle" drama we've come to expect from paradise, nor do they seem like the type of couple to unexpectedly call it quits because some new hottie with a date card shows up.

Don't get me wrong, though, these two are not without their drama (but, let's be real, this is Bachelor in Paradise... no drama probably means no paycheck). As we saw last week when Derek said "F*ck you" to Taylor, they definitely know how to fight; Taylor even considered refusing Derek's rose if he offered it, and Derek considered going home on Monday night's episode. Luckily, they restored my faith in the Bachelor franchise and made up before the two-hour episode ended.

Apparently, the engagement took place during Wednesday's taping of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 reunion special, and was the only engagement to come out of paradise this time around.

Elite Daily reached out to both Derek and Taylor's teams, but did not hear back by the time of publication, so there is no 100 percent guarantee this report is true. Keep in mind, though, this is Bachelor nation we're talking about, so I wouldn't be surprised one way or the other. Congrats, Taylor and Derek! Thanks for making us believe in love at first episode sight.