'Succession' fans have a theory Kerry is pregnant with Logan's baby in Season 4.

A Massive Succession Theory About Kerry Just Got So Much More Pivotal

Could this explain her weirdness in that scene??


The motivations for pretty much every power-hungry character on Succession are clear, but there’s one person who’s still a total enigma: Kerry. Just what is going on behind those blunt bangs? Well, there’s one theory about Logan Roy’s executive assistant that could explain everything, and it has to potential to flip the whole show on its head in the final season. After Succession Season 4 delivered a huge twist, fans are revisiting the theory that Kerry is pregnant with Logan’s baby.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses events from Succession Season 4, Episode 3. Kerry’s trajectory in the first few episodes of Season 4 has been... bizarre. Logan pulled some strings to get her a newscaster job on his network, but she flopped it so hard even he couldn’t justify giving her the gig. Then, when Logan suddenly died, Kerry startled everyone with her unhinged, smiley reaction. Her flustered, off-kilter actions this season revived a fan theory that first spring up after the Season 3 finale aired. That episode laid some unexpected groundwork for Kerry possibly being pregnant, and carrying Logan’s baby. It seemed a little far-fetched then, but given her erratic behavior in Season 4, the theory seems a bit stronger. I mean, of course Kerry would be freaking out if she was hiding such a huge, game-changing secret!

The pregnancy theory first arose after Connor discovered his dad had been eating maca root, a natural booster of sexual potency in men. Connor, Shiv, and Roman deduced that Logan must be trying to impregnate Kerry, since their intimate relationship had become an open secret by that point. But it felt like as soon as the Roy siblings put the pieces together, they forgot about it immediately and moved on.


But fans didn’t forget about the strange moment. It inspired a theory that Logan may have succeeded in getting Kerry pregnant, in some sort of last-ditch effort to screw over his older children and bring a new heir into the world. Of course, the plan’s obvious flaw is that Logan would never be able to live long enough to actually see this kid come of an age where they’d be able to take over Waystar Royco. He does love to play the long game, though.

Sure enough, Logan died shortly after the maca root situation, and Kerry’s response to the loss may be further proof she’s carrying the deceased business magnate’s child. She was certainly more deeply affected by Logan’s death than anyone else on the plane, seemingly having a breakdown that caused her to smile while coping with the terrible news. Before Succession ends, Kerry may be poised to make a bombshell revelation and introduce a new heir for Kendall, Shiv, and Roman to worry about.

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