The 'Stranger Things' writers shut down rumors of an Eleven spinoff.

That Rumored Stranger Things Eleven Spinoff Isn’t Happening After All

The show’s writers gave a pretty blunt response to those rumors.


You don’t need psychic powers to see through the latest rumor taking over the Stranger Things fandom, because it’s already been fully debunked. As fans prepare to bid farewell to the beloved sci-fi series in its upcoming fifth and final season, many have begun theorizing about potential spinoffs that could keep Hawkins and the Upside Down alive. While it’s true Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers are working on a spinoff, the latest report that a follow-up series will focus on Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven has been completely shut down.

Speculation that a new spinoff series would bring back Brown to explore more of Eleven’s backstory and future was sparked by a Feb. 1 report posted by the blog Giant Freakin Robot. The site claimed, via anonymous sources, that the Eleven-centric spinoff would be separate from the other spinoff series the Duffer Brothers announced in the summer of 2022. However, this claim was quickly debunked. The official Twitter account for the show’s writers’ room responded to the rumor with two words that completely shut the gossip down: “Not true.”

Welp, that’s one theory down the drain, but of course, Stranger Things fans still have a ton of other theories about this mysterious spinoff to fall back on. The only hints Matt and Ross Duffer have offered up so far is that the spinoff will take place in parallel with Season 5, and that the only person who has correctly guessed what it’s about was Finn Wolfhard. Apparently, the actor who stars as Mike Wheeler pitched the co-creators a spinoff idea that coincidentally was pretty much exactly what they’d already planned.

The rumor about an Eleven-centric spinoff being false shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering the Duffer Brothers’ comments about their spinoff plans. In July, they said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that the new show would be a major departure from the flagship Stranger Things series: “I’ve read these rumors that there’s going to be an Eleven spinoff, that there’s going to be a Steve and Dustin spinoff or that it’s another number,” Matt said. “That’s not interesting to me because we’ve done all that. We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of that.”

It sounds like fans will really be saying a painful goodbye to Eleven and many of their other favorite characters when Stranger Things comes to an end with its fifth season. But at least there’s still this mysterious spinoff to look forward to after the show comes to an end.