This Song In 'AHS: Cult' Is So Scary On Its Own

by Billy Lorusso

OK, folks, American Horror Story is officially back with it's seventh chapter, Cult, and if there is one thing that the first episode of Season 7 has confirmed for us, it's that this show gets scarier and creepier every year. Of course, this time around, much of the drama and horror comes from the cult of creepy clowns and the general aura of uneasiness following Trump's election on the show, but there is one song in the first episode of Cult that brings the scare factor to a whole new level. That's right, the song in the AHS: Cult supermarket scene heightens the intensity of the scene tenfold and, TBH, makes it one of the scariest scenes of the first episode.

Don't get me wrong, the scene is terrifying one way or the other, even without the music... between Sarah Paulson being chased throughout the store by killer clowns on scooters and a couple of random clowns bent over banging like animals in the produce section, there's no doubt about that; it's just the screamo music playing in the background brings the drama and tension of the scene to an all time high, and really helps audiences experience the chaos and terror that Sarah's character feels in the moment.


Recently, Elite Daily spoke with Mac Quayle — the composer responsible for AHS's theme music since Freak Show — about how music can alter the mood of a scene and, while most of Mac's work on AHS is instrumental, his comments are relevant here, as well. He told us,

[Music] can have a powerful effect on a scene. We can use music to make it scarier, more tense, sadder... with Horror Story, the music is definitely pushing a scene in the direction, quite often making it more intense and scarier.

Obviously, in this case, the music is used to heighten the intensity and mayhem of the scene, and to really get viewers' hearts pumping, and boy did it work. The name of the song is "Hellfire" by Blackcat Manor, and, hopefully, this is only be the first of many of their songs to appear in this season.

All I know is, if this is any indication of the horror and chaos to come in Cult, I'm not sure I'm ready.