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Guys, We Need To Pay Attention To The Kids On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Everyone, listen up. "So You Think You Can Dance" has been really interesting this season. Instead of adult competitors, they've opened up the competition to kids and they are more talented than you and I will ever be.

The dance show pairs all-stars from previous seasons with kids aged 8 to 13 years old. And the "Next Generation" sure knows how to tear up a dance floor.

To get onto the show, the dancers had to audition for a spot in "The Academy." The dancers who made it into "The Academy" are the ones who get to compete for the title of "America's Favorite Dancer." The competition is basically like "American Idol" after that. The judges make some eliminations, and then America gets to vote for their favorites until there's finally a winner.

Every week, the choreographers push the dancers to their limits and challenge them with new routines. And they're also super cute, which is a major plus.

Even people who weren't fans of the original version of the show (like me) are now falling in love. And after seeing the sheer level of raw talent these kids have, how could you not?

Check out this video of a kid during the audition process:

This isn't even the competition part.

And here's a video of the top nine members of "The Academy" dancing together:

Feel inadequate yet?

Now that we've proven how talented these kids are, let's take a closer look into their ~dance moves~.

I can't even do a cartwheel. How does she do this?!


Look at that FORM.

Slay, girl. Slay.


I am inadequate.

I now feel incapable of ever dancing again.