These tweets about Simu Liu and Chrishell Stause on 'Selling Sunset' are all shipping the pair.

Selling Sunset Fans Are Shipping Simu Liu With Chrishell After His Flirty Cameo

The chemistry is just undeniable.


Watch out, Jason; there’s another contender for Chrishell’s love! There’s a lot to unpack in Season 4 of Selling Sunset, and one of the fan-favorite moments that’s taking over the internet was an unexpected cameo from Simu Liu of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Even more interesting was the red-hot chemistry viewers picked up on between the actor and Oppenheim Group realtor Chrishell Stause. Due to fans hoping for the match after seeing the coupled-up energy, there are so many tweets about Simu Liu and Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset.

Netflix’s Season 4 of Selling Sunset premiered on the streaming platform on Nov. 24, and Episode 6 featured Liu. After Stause excitedly announced that Marvel’s Liu was coming to the office to look for a house, it was pretty clear that she was thrilled to be in his presence once he got there. The pair began the house hunting journey by discussing his must-haves for his new home. To add fuel to the fire, Stause’s new boyfriend Jason Oppenheim appeared to get a little uncomfortable, even jealous, while the convo was happening.

There was already some undeniable chemistry between Liu and Stause, but it seemed to heat up once they headed to look at a property together.


During the house tour, the duo exchanged playful jokes about walking through the house naked, and both tripped when they walked out onto the patio. However, the most heartfelt moment may have been when Stause and Liu bonded over having achieved enough success to afford a house in the most coveted areas of Los Angeles.

With so much going on underneath the surface, Twitter was a firestorm of tweets shipping the pair.

Some fans of the show were joking about how jealous Oppenheim was:

That camera work, though.

Others are wondering why Chrishell and Liu didn’t happen ~right~ away:

Can fans please get SiShell for real?

Whatever Liu and Stause think of each other, Stause is officially booed-up with Oppenheimer for now. But maybe, just maybe, fans can get more of that chemistry SiShell has later on.