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Simone Ashley Says Kate & Anthony "Deserve" A Bridgerton Spinoff

Please, we need this!!

Kate and Anthony weren’t in very much of Bridgerton Season 3, but when they were, they always stole the scene. Whether they couldn’t keep their hands off each other in their marital bed or showed off just how perfect their married life is by imparting some wisdom onto Colin, Kanthony added the perfect touches of sexiness and humor to the high drama. That’s why when the season’s end seemed to suggest they’d be going away, fans of the couple loudly rallied for a Kate and Anthony-led spinoff. And Simone Ashley herself is also lending her voice to this important cause.

The actor who plays viscountess Kate Bridgerton told the French magazine Première that she can see potential for Kate and Anthony to lead their own show. “I even believe that Kate and Anthony deserve to have their own spinoff, derived from Bridgerton,” Ashley said in the interview, which was translated from French. “I would love it. This world is so big and these characters are so deep that there is plenty to explore about them. I don't want to give too much away, but I think there could be several seasons to come about Kate and Anthony.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ashley admitted she hopes Kate and Anthony will be back for Season 4, and confirmed she’s had conversations with showrunner Jess Brownell about potentially coming back.

That should come as some relief to Bridgerton fans, considering how Kate and Anthony ended Season 3. The expecting couple agreed to travel to Kate’s hometown in India so she could give birth to their first child there. Their conversation highlighted just how long of a trip that would be, leading viewers to fear they’d be absent from the upcoming season.


Brownell confirmed that it’s still up in the air whether the couple will return or not. “It’ll be dependent on how much story the main couples take up, and whether there is story room,” the showrunner told Variety. “It will be dependent on whether the actors are available.”

Because of this uncertainty, fans of the couple have begun campaigning for a spinoff that would follow their adventures in India, or show the milestone events that were only mentioned but never seen on Bridgerton, like their wedding and honeymoon. With Ashley’s statement of support, it sounds like this spinoff may not just remain a fandom dream forever.