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Silky Nutmeg Ganache revealed all the details about her 'Drag Race All Stars 6' lip sync props on Tw...

Silky Set The Record Straight About All Those Props In Her All Stars 6 Lip Syncs

"My creativity was my only advantage."


After what felt like eons of waiting, All Stars 6 finally revealed its “game within a game” twist, and one queen absolutely stole the spotlight. Though she seemingly left the competition early, Silky Nutmeg Ganache was actually secretly delivering instantly iconic lip sync performances week after week to fight her way back into the competition. And in Thursday, Aug. 19’s episode dedicated to the comeback twist, fans finally got to see her slay. Silky’s lip syncs were especially notable for the various unexpected objects she revealed during each song, and once viewers wondered about the stunts, Silky Nutmeg Ganache tweeted all the details about her Drag Race lip sync props.

In this season’s brand new twist, all of the eliminated queens were given the option to lip sync against one another for a chance to re-enter the competition. Although the set-up favored the more recently eliminated queens, it was early-out Silky who steamrolled through the competition, winning six lip syncs in a row. Nearly all of Silky’s performances left the judges (and viewers) gagging with wild prop reveals — she made a full cocktail from ingredients hidden in her dress to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” doused herself in water while performing “Point of No Return,” pulled out a flag during “Song for the Lonely,” and smashed a guitar at the end of “Heartbreaker.” Perhaps the most iconic stunt of them all was her solo lip sync to “Barbie Girl,” in which she performed both the male and female verses in a gender-split costume.

Because of these spotlight-stealing stunts, Silky’s wins were all pretty undeniable — but don’t go thinking she had an unfair advantage. After the episode aired, Silky clarified that she made all of those props herself from materials she had brought to All Stars 6. She said production did not get her anything to help with her lip syncs, and both she and her opponents were given the songs at the same time.

She went into more specific details about her biggest prop: the golden guitar she pulled out and smashed at the end of her “Heartbreaker” lip sync against Jan. Silky revealed she made the instrument by taping together cardboard from a pizza box and a shoe box. She also shared that she hid the prop in the huge, ruffled coat she wore at the beginning of the lip sync.

As for the flag she pulled out in the “Song for the Lonely” lip sync against Scarlet Envy, that was crafted from an umbrella and scrap fabric, with a heaping helping of glitter for good measure.

She went into even more details about her lip syncs in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealing she brought that bottle of Crown Royal with her to Drag Race and made the facial hair for her “Barbie Girl” male alter-ego by cutting up the black wig she was eliminated in.

Clearly, Silky put a ton of work into making each of her lip syncs memorable, and it totally paid off. But it’s still not clear if she will re-enter the game to compete for the crown just yet. Her final lip sync against Eureka ended with a cliffhanger, with the winner unannounced, so fans will have to wait to see which queen comes back when the next episode of All Stars 6 drops on Paramount+ on Thursday, Aug. 26.