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RuPaul revealed the 'Drag Race All Stars 6' "game within a game" twist near the end of the season.

Drag Race's "Game Within A Game" Finally Started, And It's A Lip Sync Showdown

It's about time!


After a month and a half of RuPaul endlessly teasing a mysterious “game within a game” on All Stars 6, fans are finally getting some answers. After each elimination so far this season, RuPaul appeared in the Werk Room via a video message to invite the voted-out queen to compete in a “game within a game,” but that oh-so-familiar message wasn’t the same at the end of the Aug. 12 episode. Just when the season had narrowed down a Top 4, Drag Race All Stars 6 revealed its “game within a game” twist, and it’s definitely going to shake everything up next week.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 9, “Drag Tots.” There has been a ton of speculation among fans about what this “game within a game” might be, and now it looks like the predominant fan theory could prove to be true. Throughout the season, fans have theorized that the eliminated queens will likely have to lip sync against one another to regain entry into the competition. There’s some disagreement over the actual logistics of this lip sync showdown — have the eliminated queens been facing off one-on-one each week with the previous week’s winner? Or will all the lip syncs go down at once in a special episode? Either way, now it’s finally confirmed that the lip sync showdown is indeed the “game within a game.”

After Eureka was eliminated in the Drag Tots challenge, Ru told her to “prepare for the lip sync of your life, and report to the main stage now.” In Untucked, Eureka excitedly got ready for her unexpected lip sync, although fans have yet to see her opponent (or opponents).


The preview for next week’s episode wasn’t much help in figuring out the specifics of this lip sync twist. The short clip of Episode 10 showed the Top 4 worriedly reacting to RuPaul declaring the “game within a game” is now in effect.

Although there are still a few questions surrounding this twist, it’s clear that the next new episode will finally explain the “game within a game” in full, and fans can look forward to some sickening lip syncs as the eliminated queens fight for a spot in the competition. The episode dedicated to All Stars 6’s “game within a game” will drop on Paramount+ on Thursday, Aug. 19.