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A theory about the twist on 'Drag Race All Stars 6' has to do with how eliminated contestants could ...

This Theory About The Drag Race All Stars 6 Twist Is Such A Gag

Drag Race meets Survivor? Here for it!


Another season of Drag Race All Stars has begun, which means another wild twist is about to majorly shake up the game. In the All Stars 6 premiere, RuPaul teased an unexpected twist that nobody will see coming, all but confirming it will be totally different from anything the show has done before. However, the first glimpses of this twist may remind fans of a previous All Stars season. With what little info Ru has given us, let’s dive into a theory about what the Drag Race All Stars 6 twist will be.

Drag Race viewers got a big hint about this season’s new twist in the final moments of the first two episodes. As each eliminated queen packed up their things, Ru suddenly appeared on the Werk Room monitor to reveal they would be given a second chance. The last-minute video messages should be familiar to fans, since Ru did the same thing back in All Stars 3. In that season, the first five eliminated queens were brought back for a girl group challenge, resulting in BenDeLaCreme memorably sending herself home and giving first-out Morgan McMichaels her spot in the competition. This season’s twist will be different, though, as Ru has repeatedly mentioned a mysterious “game within a game” that will likely decide which eliminated queen will be brought back.

When first bringing up the twist to the contestants, Ru described the impending surprise as "a game within a game, and a masterclass in survival." For reality competition show lovers, this description may sound like another series’ iconic twist: Survivor’s Redemption Island.


For those unfamiliar, Survivor introduced its Redemption Island twist in Season 22. Instead of eliminated players going home, they would secretly be sent to a separate island, where they’d compete with one another for a chance to re-enter the game. From how Ru has been describing the All Stars 6 twist, it sounds like something similar to Redemption Island may go down with this season’s eliminated queens.

It’s unclear exactly how this might work, but a lip-sync battle definitely seems like an appropriate battle method. If this theory proves true, a future episode could feature all the eliminated queens lip-syncing against one another for a chance to return. It’s just a fan theory at the moment, but a Redemption Island-style twist would definitely be a game-changer for Drag Race. Catch new episodes of All Stars 6 when they premiere Thursdays on Paramount+.