Sharelle Rosado on Netflix's 'Selling Tampa'

Everything To Know About The Leading Lady Of Selling Tampa

She's engaged to former NFL star Chad Ochocinco Johnson.


Move over Jason Oppenheim, there’s a new real estate mogul in Netflix town. In the streamer’s new real estate series, Selling Tampa, head broker Sharelle Rosado is calling the shots, and she did not come to play. Here’s everything you need to know about the HBIC at Allure Realty.

If the name Selling Tampa is giving you flashbacks, that’s probably because the series, which hit Netflix on Dec. 15, is a spinoff of the wildly popular Los Angeles-based show, Selling Sunset. Just like the west coast version, Selling Tampa follows a group of realtors who work hard selling the most luxurious of homes and play harder by throwing elaborate parties and getting tangled up in drama.

But even though the series follows the same format as Selling Sunset, Selling Tampa is totally its own thing. For example, Sharelle’s company, Allure Realty, has nothing to do with the Oppenheim Group. Allure is all Sharelle; on the website, it’s described as having a team of “highly trained professional, glamorous women of color.” To put it succinctly, Sharelle is a force within the Florida real estate community. Here’s what else to know about her:

Sharelle Rosado’s Career

Before founding Allure Realty in 2019, Sharelle worked as a real estate agent for RE/MAX. Prior to selling homes and brokering deals, the now-33-year-old was actually a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. Sharelle enlisted in March 2007 before retiring more than 12 years later.

Now, she’s not only starring in Selling Tampa and running the Ybor City-based brokerage, but also since filming Season 1, Sharelle opened another Allure office, this time in Miami.

Facts About Sharelle Rosado

One of the first things viewers learned about Sharelle on Selling Tampa is that she’s in a relationship with retired NFL player and Dancing with the Stars alum Chad Ochocinco Johnson. On the show, Sharelle explained they met when she slid into his DMs. They had dated on and off for two years (but were officially together for about nine months) when Season 1 started filming. The couple got engaged in January 2021; in August, Sharelle announced they were expecting a daughter together.

Sharelle is already a mom of three — two of whom appear in Season 1 — and Johnnson is a dad of seven. In August, Sharelle told People she “always wanted a big family,” but thinks this will be her finale baby, since “[four is] just the perfect number to finish it off."

Sharelle Rosado’s Instagram

From the looks of Sharelle’s Instagram, she’s as much of a boss offscreen as she is on the series. She has over 150,000 followers and posts a mixture of promos for the show, women empowerment, and of course, adorable pics with her partner. It *is* interesting to note a lot of her more recent pictures take place in Miami, so it’s unclear whether she relocated permanently, or if she’s currently bouncing between both Miami and Tampa.

Selling Tampa Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.