The cast of Netflix's 'Selling Tampa' relaxing by the pool

Here's Everything We Know About A Second Selling Tampa Season

There's still so much to explore.


Central Florida might have been known for alligators and theme park vacations (in that order), but thanks to a new Netflix series, it’s known for high-end properties and reality stars as well. The streamer’s new show, Selling Tampa, is putting Tampa Bay on the map like never before. If you’ve already devoured the first season of the series and are eager for more, here’s everything you need to know about a potential Selling Tampa Season 2, including intel on the release date, cast, and trailer.

The new series — which hit Netflix on Dec. 15 — follows a group of realtors who work hard selling luxurious homes and play harder by throwing elaborate parties and getting tangled up in drama. And if this sounds a lot like another Netflix series, Selling Sunset, you’re not wrong. After Selling Sunset’s proven popularity (FWIW, it’s already been greenlit for a fifth season), an East Coast version was ordered — and thus the spinoff, Selling Tampa, was born.

However, other than the name of the shows, Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa don’t really have anything to do with each other. While the Los Angeles-based series followed the Oppenheim Group run by Jason Oppenheim, the Florida version is helmed by Sharelle Rosado, who runs Allure Realty. Her brokerage consists of “highly trained professional, glamorous women of color,” per the website. Both shows make for A+ reality TV, so if you’re already obsessed after the first season of Selling Tampa, here’s what you need to know about the show returning to your screen in the future.


Selling Tampa Season 2 Release Date

Since Selling Tampa is brand new to the Netflix fam — and Season 1 dropped fairly recently — it’s not surprising that Season 2 hasn’t been announced. Netflix execs usually take a few months to crunch numbers and evaluate a show’s popularity before deciding whether to renew. But considering it was trending in Netflix’s Top 10 *and* the success of Selling Sunset, the odds of a second season are pretty good.

If Selling Tampa Season 2 *does* get picked up, fans could likely expect another season in about six months, which is the general Selling Sunset timeline. This means summer 2022 could potentially heat up with a Season 2 release.

Selling Tampa Season 2 Cast

In addition to HBIC Sharelle, fans could expect to see all their Selling Tampa faves return for Season 2. Colony Reeves, Rena Frazier, Juawana Colbert, Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Tennille Moore, and Karla Giorgio would likely all come back for a second season, as well as some new faces. Since Season 1 wrapped, more agents have joined the Allure family, which could mean more sales... and more drama.

Viewers would probably also see more of Sharelle’s fiancé, retired NFL player and Dancing with the Stars alum Chad Ochocinco Johnson. On Dec. 14, Sharelle told Bustle, “Chad respected that this is my show ... As we grow, if we begin a Season 2, you’ll eventually see more of Chad.”

Selling Tampa Season 2 Trailer

Since Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, there’s no trailer. Even if Netflix does order a second season, you’ll probably still have to wait a while for a sneak peek. Netflix is notorious for releasing trailers close to premiere dates, so if the streamer sticks to its usual formula, you can expect a first look about three weeks prior to the release date and an official trailer two weeks before Season 2 premieres. Until then, you can always rewatch Selling Tampa Season 1 on Netflix to get your fill of sunshine, drama, and waterfront properties.