Selena Gomez Had A Reunion With 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Cast And It Was Epic

Disney Channel

She may be a major pop star nowadays, but to anyone who loved to watch Disney Channel, Selena Gomez will always be the sassy teenage wizard Alex Russo from "Wizards of Waverly Place."

Although that show ended five years ago, Selena and the rest of the cast got together over the weekend and the pictures are pure magic.

The entire "Wizards of Waverly Place" main cast reunited to help make their former co-star David Henrie's wedding extra magical on Sunday. It's clear the Russo family love wasn't just for the cameras! Take a look at their adorable reunion shots.


The whole Russo gang showed up to wish David Henrie (who played studious big brother Justin Russo) well on his wedding day. Selena posed alongside both her on-screen brothers — Henrie and Jake T Austin — along with the Russo parents, David Deluise and Maria Canals Barrera, and her "Wizards" bestie Jennifer Stone.

Selena herself shared a bunch of pics from the wedding and wrote a sweet blessing to her "big brother" David Henrie.

Very much in my feelings about my big brother getting married. Even though we for sure knew it would be him first. May God bless you and your beautiful wife Henrie!


And, apparently, Selena Gomez was one of the first people David Henrie told about the wedding. Henrie told People Selena was one of the very first people he told the good news and that she was initially going to perform at the reception, but decided she should get to relax and enjoy herself instead.

Though the cast took a ton of glam reunion photos, you can always count on Selena to keep it real. She also snapped a sweet selfie with her TV dad, David DeLuise, while sipping on some Jack in the Box coffee at the ceremony.


Though Selena wrote everyone on the "Wizards" cast "for sure knew" David Henrie would be the first to get married, I wouldn't be too shocked if Gomez was the next wizard to walk down the aisle. After all, things seem to be heating up between her and The Weeknd recently...

OK, yes, it's probably way too early to be talking about marriage for Selena and The Weeknd... but can you blame me for wanting another Russo reunion??