Selena Gomez Fell On Stage And Recovered So Much Better Than Justin Bieber


Hopefully Justin Bieber is taking notes from his ex-girlfriend because Selena Gomez's onstage tumble looked a lot less painful than his.

On Sunday night, during a performance of her Revival World Tour in Tulsa, Selena was in the middle of singing "Kill Em With Kindness" when she stumbled and fell.

No worries, though — she totally handled it with grace and poise.

She managed to catch herself before she went all the way down and she bounced right back with a self-deprecating quip and everything. She did Tina Fey proud, probably.

Selena laughed and joked to the crowd,

See? Humor and gracefulness, what a champ! She even got a weird dig at Tulsa in there!

Again, hopefully Biebs can learn a thing or too about falling technique from Selena. Compared to the Justin Bieber fall last week, the Selena Gomez fall looks incredibly tame.

I mean, dude straight up just walked off the stage. That did not look pleasant.

To be fair, like Selena, Justin also defused the tension with a joke to the crowd after he got back up.

According to E! News he said to the audience,

Next time he just has to learn how to catch himself.

Well, I guess those two are still kind of on the same wavelength! And that wavelength is hilariously falling on stage.

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