Sean Spicer Made An Appearance At The 2017 Emmys & Twitter Is Losing It

by Katie Corvino
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

UMMM, WTF? WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT SHOW AM I EVEN WATCHING? Sean Spicer showed up to the 2017 Emmys and literally everyone is freaking out. I REPEAT, SEAN SPICER IS AT THE 2017 EMMYS.

During Stephen Colbert's opening monologue, the late-night host shocked audience members when he brought the Former White House Press Secretary on stage. IT WAS A CRAZY MOMENT, but before we get into it, I'll recap how the awards show began. Hehehehe.

After an incredible opening dance number filled with clips from Stranger Things, The Handmaid's Tale, and more, Colbert decided to spend a solid 3 hours roasting Trump (it was more like 5 minutes, but whatever, go with it). He made several jokes about Trump's obsession with the Emmys over the years, his comments during the election, and of course, his tweets. He even joked, "Look forward to the tweets" because he knows Don-Don is gonna light up social media after this sh*t. I mean, he is the President! WTF else does he have to do?

BUT BACK TO SPICE-BALL (Can I call you that?). Right after Stephen Colbert destroyed Trump's life in front of our own eyes, he brought out Spicer to make jokes and mock his previous reports on Donald Trump's inaugural crowd size.

Spicer, who rolled out on a podium, joked to the audience,

This is the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period. Both in person and around the world.

MAN'S GOT JOKES, LOL?!?!?!?! (Are we laughing because this is funny, or because we feel awkward/confused/scared?)

Of course, the camera immediately panned to Melissa McCarthy, who famously impersonated Sean Spicer several times on Saturday Night Live. The comedian, like every other goddamn human in that audience, was shocked to see S-squared on their home turf.

JUST LOOK AT HER FACE. She's like "hahaha this is so funny," but also, "sh*t, lol, why the f*ck is this guy here?"

Actually, this Twitter user's caption nails her reaction:

Melissa McCarthy silently says: 'This is amazing and terrible and my stricken expressions speak for the audience at home.'

OH YEAH, GIRL. Your face is all of us. If you need a refresher of McCarthy's SNL material, you can check out one of her sketches below.


McCarthy actually took home an award for her portrayal of Spicer on SNL at the Creative Arts Emmys last week. According to the LA Times, the Former White House Press Secretary said the two "should share" the award. LOL, OK, Spicey. This was all McCarthy. Take your greaseball hands off her prize.

The 2017 Emmy Awards isn't over yet, but I can already tell you Sean Spicer's cameo was the shocker of the evening. Not everyone was feeling it, though. People went to Twitter to bash the Emmys for creating the bit in an attempt to "normalize Spicer." Did these jokes come too soon? Lmao, ya, probably.

One Twitter user wrote,

"Wow & here I thought Spicer was merely a sycophant who defended a morally bereft presidency for months but here he is laughing at himself!"

Another said,

Sean Spicer lied for MONTHSSSS and now he's up there on the #Emmys stage.

One user wrote,

Just wait. He could be up for best actor for his role in A Failed State.

Clearly, the entire 2017 Emmys was a political commentary since Trump jokes continued throughout the night. An hour into the awards show, Alec Baldwin hardcore dissed the President and said,

I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy.

YIKES, BALDWIN BRINGING THE HEAT. Donald Trump hasn't responded to the jokes on Twitter yet, but rest assured, an angry series of misspelled tweets will come soon. As for Spicer? Eh, let's hope this was his first and last awards show appearance.