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15 Reasons Scott Disick Would Actually Be The Perfect Boyfriend

Ladies, ladies, please grab a number. Scott Disick is single and there's plenty of him to go around.

I know this bachelor is at the top of everyone's man candy list right now. I mean, who wouldn't want to date him after everything he's been through with Kourtney? (Lol)

Scott's name has appeared in more headlines this year than I can count -- from when he had his nasty split with Kourtney in July, to when he was apparently dating a high school model.

Keeping things classy and cute, Scott, like always.

Because Scott is so desirable right now, let's check out 15 reasons this royal highness would be the perfect boyfriend.

1. He's never actually around, so you'll have more time for you and your friends.

2. You don't have to worry about him being too clingy because he always hangs out with other girls.

3. He spends all his money on cars and houses, so you have a great backdrop for your Instagrams.

4. He is always doing club appearances, so you and your girls can get in for free.

5. He calls himself a lord because his self-esteem is so high, so yours will probably be, too.

6. He'll help you point out your flaws so you can work on them.

7. He's sober now, so he can always be DD.

8.  He's always thinking about money, so on the rare occasions he thinks about you, it'll really mean something.

9. He's flaky AF so you can use him as an excuse to get out of an awkward party or situation. "Sorry guys, gotta go find Scott, haha!"

10. You'll never accidentally find out about the gifts he buys for you because he's so amazing at keeping secrets.

11. He treats you and your family members like sh*t, so you will have something to bond over with them.

12. His clothes are so nice and expensive, they will make you feel cheap and push you to work harder.

13. He shoves money into the mouths of waiters (and who wouldn't love that?) so you'll probably get great service.

14. Having three kids is already too much for him, so you won't feel pressured to have any more.

15. Plain and simple, he's just perfect, OK??? Date us, Scott, please!!!!