One Love, Two Houses
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Sarah Paulson's Best Relationship Secret? "We Don't Live Together"

Everyone needs some personal space, I guess.

Since Sarah Paulson has been dating Holland Taylor for nearly a decade now, you’d assume the committed couple probably have a house together, right? Well, no. And that’s actually been very helpful in keeping their romance alive, Paulson revealed recently. The actor credited their separate living conditions as being the “secret” to their relationship’s longevity.

Paulson was asked what the key to a lasting relationship like hers and Taylor’s is during her May 13 appearance on the SmartLess podcast. “We don't live together,” Paulson revealed. “That's the secret to it. Holland and I spend plenty of time together, but we don't live in the same house.”

She went on to explain that their different dating histories were a big part of what went into the decision to live separately. “Holland, before me, hasn't been in a ton of long-term relationships, whereas Holland is my third more than five-year relationship,” Paulson said. “I tend to do that and have more experience doing that, Holland hasn't. So to get to be her age and sort of not having really cohabited with someone for a long time — I think it was a lot to sort of have me and all my me-ness in her space.”

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Although they have their own homes, Paulson said that doesn’t prevent them from spending tons of quality time together. “My favorite thing to do — we fall asleep holding hands. I like to sleep near her,” Paulson said.

Paulson and Taylor first met back in 2005 when they were guests at the same dinner party, although they were both seeing other people at the time. A decade later, they started following each other on social media and Taylor slid into Paulson’s DMs, as Paulson later revealed. It wasn’t until towards the end of 2015 that their relationship was confirmed, after Taylor revealed she was in a committed relationship with a younger woman during a radio interview.

Since then, Paulson and Taylor have been constantly supporting and doting on one another on various date nights. And now the secret to their loved-up bliss has been revealed: having the option to go home alone when you feel like it.