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Salley Carson in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

Twitter Is Pissed Over How Salley Was Treated On Bachelor In Paradise

Oof, her suitcase lasted longer than she did.


Welp, after a lot of speculation and questionable privacy-violating jokes about going through someone else’s suitcase, Salley Carson finally arrived in Paradise. Salley’s suitcase made an appearance in Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 way before she did, which left the rest of the cast wondering (and kind of obsessing) about whether or not Salley herself would actually show up on the beach. She finally did in the Oct. 11 episode, but she did not stay for very long. Following her arrival (and exit) fans on Twitter are confused and a little upset about how Salley was treated during her very brief BIP stint.

Salley is famous in Bachelor Nation for nearly joining Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season very soon after breaking off her engagement with her ex. She was rumored to have visited her ex-fiancé again right before joining BIP, and Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney did not like the sound of that. (Oh yeah, those two are besties now.) Genevieve and Shanae claimed Salley was on the beach for the wrong reasons, so they confronted her about it right after she arrived. Salley was upset, especially because she felt other people showed up in Paradise for the wrong reasons all the time, and she didn’t want to have to discuss her ex. “And that’s why you don’t trust anyone on this beach,” Salley said. “My gut feeling was not to come.”

Genevieve and Shanae confronted Salley based on a story Wells Adams previously told them about her journey to Paradise, which included several missed flights and her asking a producer to wait for her in the trunk of a car for hours. However, it’s unclear how true that story even is. Wells told Entertainment Tonight, “This is what was told to us by that producer. Now, how much of that was true, I don't know. Was it 80% true? Was it 90% true? Was it all true, but just embellished a little bit? I'm not really sure."

After Genevieve and Shanae confronted her, Salley stormed off, and right away, James Bonsall offered his opinions. “Salley’s fiasco started right off the bat,” he said. “She didn’t want anything about her ex being discussed on this beach, but let’s face it, we are on a dating show. Your dating history is going to be brought up.” He made a fair point, but on the other hand, Salley didn’t even get the chance to fully tell her side of the story before she had to go on the defensive.

On the other hand, Justin Glaze stood up for Salley. “I just felt bad for Salley,” he explained. “You go from juggling all the emotions of being nervous and then you’re excited to be here, to all of a sudden you’re being attacked by these girls, and that wouldn’t make anybody feel good.”

Justin comforted Salley a bit, but eventually, she made the decision to simply leave. “They asked me if I had a conversation with my ex before I came here,” she said. “That pisses me off because they know how much I didn’t want my ex’s name or any of that situation brought into this, out of respect for him. So out of respect for him, I want to leave.”

Salley left BIP and her suitcase followed her out. Now that she’s off the show, it looks like she’s just as angry about how she was represented as fans are for her. When someone commented on her Instagram questioning how she could allegedly leave a producer in her car for hours (according to Wells’ story), she responded, “That definitely did not happen. Try to remember it’s a TV show.” Then, when another commenter said she should sue ABC, she wrote, “Would if I could.” Oof, it looks like Salley will probably not be returning to the Bachelor franchise any time soon.

Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.