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Ryan Reynolds Reunited Blake Lively With This Special Childhood Friend

SiriusXM on YouTube

Just when you thought Ryan Reynolds couldn't be any sweeter to Blake Lively (I mean, he broke the law for her), he's back at it again reuniting his wife with a special childhood friend of hers.

In an interview with Sirius XM, Lively explains how Reynolds reunited her with the best teacher she ever had, a man she calls "Mr. Newbauer."

When the interviewer, Jess Cagle from Entertainment Weekly, asks what this teacher did for Lively, she says,

Sounds like a bomb teacher, right? Well, apparently, Lively hadn't seen this Mr. Newbauer character in a long time and Ryan Reynolds wanted to fix that. As she explains,

Are you dying from sweetness overload yet?! OK, it's official: Ryan Reynolds is the best husband on the planet. Case closed forever.

You can watch the clip from the interview above in which Lively explains how adorable Reynolds truly is.