Ryan Reynolds Just Completely Fails At Putting Together An Ikea Crib (Video)

IKEA may be the greatest and the worst thing to happen to our planet.

Shopping at IKEA can be a lot of fun because it has a wide selection of beautiful products. IKEA is definitely the place to be if you want to transform your home into a wonderland.

The torturous part, however, is actually building the furniture.

In an attempt to put together an IKEA baby crib, Ryan Reynolds proves celebrities are a lot like us.

GQ's video shows him doing whatever he can to figure out how to assemble the product, from calling customer service to drinking away his sorrows.

In the end, Ryan gives up and just duct tapes the crib together. He tosses in some sofa cushions and calls it a day. We feel your pain, Ryan. We feel your pain.

We bet baby James is going to LOVE it. Be sure to check out the full video above. You'll feel closer to Ryan than you ever have before.

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