'Russian Doll' Season 3 could go anywhere, and there are so many theories.

Let's Theorize About Russian Doll Season 3, Since It May Be The End Of It All

Could Nadia go... to the future?


Nadia has already relived the same day dozens of times and jumped around the past half a century like it was nothing — what could she possibly do next? Well, the space-time continuum is her oyster, so truly anything is possible if Russian Doll returns for a third season. On top of that, Natasha Lyonne has teased that if Season 3 happens, it could be the show’s final run of episodes, so it obviously has to go out with a bang. As fans wait for a potential final season to drop, these Russian Doll Season 3 theories will have you brainstorming about what Nadia will go through next.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Russian Doll Season 2 finale. The second season of Russian Doll was way bigger and trippier than the first, which is saying a lot, since Season 1 was already super wild. Instead of confining Nadia to reliving one day, Season 2 exploded the space-time continuum and allowed her to jump around time through a magical subway. In the end, Nadia and Alan’s travels led them to a mysterious realm called the void, which seemed to be some sort of afterlife or limbo.

With the sci-fi universe of the show more confusing than ever, Season 3 could go in any direction as Nadia and Alan search for answers. Here are some of the best theories.

1. Nadia will travel to the future.

A third season focusing on the future would make total sense when you think about the themes of Seasons 1 and 2. Season 1 was clearly all about the present, as Nadia and Alan couldn’t escape the same day, and Season 2 was all about the past, with both time travelers visiting key moments in their family histories. The logical next step is the future, right?

Maybe Nadia and Alan will see what their lives are like in old age, and then return to the present to try to prevent some terrible thing they find out eventually happens to them.


2. Nadia’s dad will be introduced.

Nadia’s traumatic relationship with her mother was key to the first two seasons, but the Season 2 finale pretty much put that to bed as Nadia finally fully accepted her mom for who she was. However, viewers still don’t know who Nadia’s father is. Season 2 teased a father reveal when Nadia met her mom’s old boyfriend Chez, but it turned out to be a fake-out. Maybe the next season will finally introduce her dad.

3. Horse’s true identity will be revealed.

The most mysterious Russian Doll character is Horse, the strange man who always seemed to be around when things get especially weird. He clearly seems to know how all these time shenanigans work, but hasn’t spilled any helpful details about it. Series co-creator Leslye Headland has compared Horse to the god Pan. Could Season 3 reveal Horse as some powerful deity who reigns over the spacetime mess Nadia and Alan are in? It would definitely be a wild ride.

4. Nadia and Alan will explore the void.

The Season 2 finale introduced a mysterious afterlife-like realm called the void, but Nadia and Alan were only there for a little bit before resurfacing from the subway tunnels. All fans really know about this space is that it somehow allows people to speak with dead loved ones. Season 3 could go all-in on this concept by having Nadia and Alan travel through the afterlife.

5. Maxine will enter a time loop.


So far, only Nadia and Alan seem to be affected by these inexplicable shifts in time, but next season could finally be Maxine’s turn to join in on the fun. Nadia’s bestie has supported her from the sidelines so far, but it would be really satisfying for her to actually really understand everything her friend has been going through by experiencing a time loop or time travel herself.

Russian Doll Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.