'Russian Doll' could end with Season 3.

Russian Doll Could End After Season 3

Here are some predictions.


The time loops aren’t finished just yet — or, at least, it sure seems that way after the Season 2 finale of Russian Doll. Netflix’s trippy time travel series may still have some juice left for a third season, but there’s reason to believe the next season could be the show’s last. As you try to wrap your head around Nadia and Alan’s latest space-time conundrum, here’s everything we know so far about Russian Doll Season 3, including when it might premiere and what the cast could look like.

As of Season 2’s release, Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about whether Russian Doll will get a third season, but Natasha Lyonne has previously said she plans for the series to run for three seasons. Back when the show debuted in 2019, Lyonne revealed she pitched Russian Doll as a three-season show, and she sees it coming to an end in Season 3.

“In many ways [I still envision it as three seasons], yes. I see it quite concretely,” Lyonne told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019. “I know there has to be space left open for something beyond my limited imagination in this moment to know if that is still where the series begins, middles and ends. Maybe it's only two seasons. Maybe it's four seasons. Right now, it feels quite clearly that it is those three.”

While Season 3 is still up in the air, here are some predictions about where a potential final season could go.

Russian Doll Season 3 Predicted Premiere Date


For most streaming hits, predicting a premiere date isn’t too difficult, since TV shows typically drop new seasons around the same time each year. Russian Doll is a different story, though. The sci-fi series had a famously lengthy hiatus between its first two seasons, with Season 2 dropping more than three full years after Season 1 debuted.

The main reason for this massive delay was the global lockdown halting production in 2020. Barring any more international crises, Season 3 will hopefully not experience such a big delay. If the show is able to stick to a typical production schedule, then fans will hopefully be diving into Nadia’s next adventure sometime in 2023.

Russian Doll Season 3 Predicted Cast

Nobody is out of the question when is comes to Season 3’s potential cast. Obviously, Lyonne’s Nadia and Charlie Barnett’s Alan will need to be back to helm all the weirdness once again. Since the plot could truly go anywhere (and anywhen), fans will have to hold tight until we get more information about Season 3 before the rest of the cast becomes clear.