Drag queen with blonde hair and meticulous makeup wears a shimmering golden outfit, looking pensive ...

The Queens Aren't Buying Roxxxy's Story In New Drag Race All Stars Clip

Maybe you can read the doll.

Roxxxy Andrews is a Drag Race mastermind. Anyone who’s seen Season 5 and All Stars 2 knows that in addition to being extremely talented, she can also get into the head of the Queen of All Queens and strategically lend her allies sparkly tank tops to survive another week. Now, her latest stunt has her All Stars 9 castmates feeling very suspicious. In an exclusive first look at Episode 6, Gottmik and Angeria Paris VanMichaels allege that Roxxxy’s decision on who to block may have been more strategic than she let on.

The drama all stems from the final moments of Episode 5, when Roxxxy won the power to give one of her competitors the Ruby Snippers, cutting them off from winning an all-important Beautiful Benefactress Badge in the next challenge. Roxxxy seemed to want to make the choice randomly, turning her back to the queens and walking back and forth behind them. But when she landed on Angeria — the queen she had just snipped the week before — Roxxxy recanted her choice and tearfully cut off Gottmik instead.

But... was Roxxxy landing on Angeria at first really that random? “Roxxxy, no tea, but you knew where you were,” Gottmik calls out in the Werk Room afterwords. “To me, it just felt like you saw it and you heard our reactions and you were like, ‘Well I can’t do this.’”

Angeria also has her doubts about Roxxxy’s stunt: “I don’t know per se if I fully buy that Roxxxy didn’t know where I was in the room.”

But Roxxxy maintains that she was covering her eyes when the queens lined up on stage, and truly tried to pick the blocked contestant at random. Amidst the drama, the queens also learn they have to compete in the most high-stakes mini challenge ever.

Usually, the Drag Race mini challenges are ridiculous little games that don’t have much bearing on the competition at large. But that’s not the case this week. RuPaul announces the queens will compete in a consensus-voting game, with the winner not only earning some cash for their charity, but also a Beautiful Benefactress Badge.

Considering the finalists of this season will be selected by badge count, this is the most a mini challenge has directly impacted the overall competition.

The new episode will stream Friday, June 14 on Paramount+.