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Some of the most dramatic 'Drag Race' fights and feuds ever hit a high gear in 'Untucked.'

Here Are The Most Dramatic Drag Race Feuds In Herstory... So Far

Wigs = snatched.

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There's really no better way to start drama than putting a bunch of drag queens in a room together and telling them only one will get a crown. While RuPaul's Drag Race has given fans countless next-level looks to gag over and a treasure trove of hilarious memes for any possible situation, some of the most memorable moments in the franchise's history are the brutal reads, the gasp-inducing shade, and all-out fights among the queens. If you're itching to relive all the most chaotic moments, just look back at the most dramatic Drag Race feuds in herstory and get your shady life.

In its nearly decade-and-a-half history, RuPaul's Drag Race has birthed some of the most explosive blow-ups on reality television. From the viral dressing-down Aja gave Valentina to the season-long rivalry between Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O'Hara, pretty much every season of the show includes a few queens who just can't stand each other. Whether it was a one-time screaming match or a beef that's lasted years beyond the show, nobody delivers better drama than drag queens. Need some proof? Let's look back at all the most legendary fights in Drag Race history, because in the iconic words of Lashawn Beyond: "This is not RuPaul's best friend race!"

1. Tatianna versus Raven

Back in the early days of Drag Race, Raven and Tatianna's season-long feud set the tone for giving fans all the drama they could ever want. A more established queen, Raven constantly looked down on Tatianna, who was newer to drag and served more ready-to-wear mall looks rather than high fashion. The two went back and forth all season long, leading up to confrontational reunion fight in which Tatianna declared, "Your outside is gorgeous Raven, but your insides are dark and nasty. And I don't like you."

2. Sharon Needles versus Phi Phi O'Hara

You can't talk about Drag Race fights without bringing up the mother of them all. In Season 4, Sharon and Phi Phi couldn't have been more opposite of one another, and the friction between rule-breaking, spooky drag and pretty, precise pageant drag proved explosive. After making their distaste for one another very clear from the start, they finally erupted into what is now the most iconic fight in Drag Race herstory. “Tired-ass showgirl,” Sharon seethed at Phi Phi, prompting the pageant queen to immediately fire back, “At least I am a showgirl, b*tch! Go back to Party City where you belong!”

3. Yvie Oddly versus Silky Nutmeg Ganashe

Years after Season 4, herstory seemed to repeat itself when another pageant girl found herself at odds with a queen with a creepy, left-of-center aesthetic. Silky Nutmeg Ganashe’s feud with Yvie Oddly lasted the entirety of Season 11, with their fights basically taking over every episode of Untucked. Throughout the season, Yvie made her critiques of her fellow contestants’ looks and performances very clear, which rubbed Silky the wrong way. Eventually, their feud even dragged in other queens, like Silky’s Dreamgirl sister Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, who got into a screaming match with Yvie after a particularly tense judging.

4. Alyssa Edwards versus Coco Montrese

It’s not often that two queens have an existing feud before getting cast on the same season of Drag Race, and that’s what made Season 5’s icy standoff between Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese so dramatic. The two pageant divas gave each other the cold shoulder from the get-go, before digging into their animosity, which centered around Alyssa winning Miss Gay America in 2010, but having to give her crown to her runner-up, Coco. The heated drama was so entertaining that Alyssa and Coco were both brought back for All Stars 2, where they revealed that had buried the hatchet and were on good terms.

5. The Vixen versus Eureka O’Hara


The Vixen may have had the most prescient entrance line of all time when she joined the show in Season 10: “I’m just here to fight!” Sure enough, the Chicago queen didn’t shy away from confronting anyone with something to say about her. The biggest blowup came when she squared off against Eureka O’Hara in Untucked, a feud that would continue throughout the season. The screaming match was finally capped off with The Vixen emphatically yelling, “Go have your cigarette, b*tch, because it’s done!”

6. Roxxxy Andrews versus Jinkx Monsoon

The feud between Roxxxy and Jinkx on Season 5 is an interesting one, because it became more about the competition than personal feelings. Throughout the season, Jinkx had been something of an outcast, while Roxxxy formed one of the strongest alliances in Drag Race herstory with Detox and Alaska. When the final four turned out to be Jinkx and Rolaskatox, things got interesting. Seeing Jinkx as a frontrunner, Roxxxy began attacking her in the Werk Room. “What has been your favorite moment throughout this competition?,” Jinkx asked, to which Roxxxy coldly replied, “Seeing you in the bottom two.” When Roxxxy came back in All Stars 2, she admitted she’d resorted to playing mind games with Jinkx because she felt Jinkx was about to win.

7. Farrah Moan versus Gia Gunn

The All Stars seasons can create a unique type of drama, since most of the cast has gotten to know and work with one another before. This closeness can squash drama, as it did with Alyssa and Coco, or it can magnify it, as was the case with Farrah Moan and Gia Gunn on All Stars 4. The two harped on an incident that happened at a club months before filming, leading to Gia trying to get into Farrah’s head to psych her out ahead of the girl group challenge. Farrah, seeing through Gia’s motives, delivered a very meta read: “Some of us don’t have to force storylines to get their airtime.”

8. Tamisha Iman versus Kandy Muse

Fans often complain that Untucked has gotten a bit tamer as Drag Race has gone on, but Season 13 proved the aftershow could still be just as explosive as ever. After Tamisha Iman admitted she didn’t care for some of the “arrogant” girls in the competition, Kandy Muse was immediately set off. The two queens circled one another while screaming, and it even looked like the altercation was going to get physical. The fight spawned a ton of catchphrases, such as Tamisha’s “I said what I said” and “little girl,” and continued after the season ended.

9. The Heathers versus The Boogers

While some Drag Race feuds involve more than just two queens, Season 3 was the only time the entire cast was involved in a large-scale rivalry. Early on in the season, Raja, Manila Luzon, Delta Werk, and Carmen Carrera dubbed themselves the Heathers, referencing the popular girls in the classic ‘80s movie of the same name. To further differentiate themselves from the rest, the Heathers started referring to Shangela, Stacy Layne Matthews, Yara Sofia, and Alexis Mateo as the Boogers. Obviously, the rude nickname stirred up a lot of cliquey drama, prompting Stacy to ask her now-iconic question: “Who the f*ck is Heather? I wanna know.”

10. Mimi Imfurst versus everyone

Mimi Imfurst wasn’t in many episodes of Drag Race, but she did manage to be a huge part in two of the most iconic Untucked fights ever. Not only did she instigate Shangela’s tremendously quotable sugar daddy speech, but she was also at the center of the reading masterclass that is the first Untucked of All Stars 1. While trying to justify her selection to the other queens, Mimi fell victim to every single girl in the competition at once. It was Raven who finally dealt the final blow, though, after Mimi said she didn’t want to talk about events from outside the competition. “Well, guess what Mimi. We did,” Raven seethed. “You, Mimi Imfurst. Mimi Imfurst was number third in the voting? I could not believe it.” Mimi retorted: “Do not attack my fans, b*tch,” only to be shut down by Raven: “From the sh*t that I’ve seen, you don’t have that many.”

11. Aja versus Valentina


Say the words “Linda Evangelista” to any Drag Race fan, and the first image that’ll immediately come to mind is a Heat Miser-looking Aja taking the art of sarcasm to an entirely new level. Valentina was a clear frontrunner from the very start of Season 9, and after Aja saw the judges fawn over a perfectly average outfit of hers, she had to say something. When the safe queens asked what the judges had to say about Valentina’s look, Aja stepped in: “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model, everything about you is perfect.” The animosity between the two blew up again at the reunion, when Aja demanded Valentina’s Miss Congeniality title be changed to Fan Favorite.

12. Morgan McMichaels versus Mystique Summers

Fans knew Season 2 would be wild right from the jump, because it wasted no time in delivering one of the most heated fights in Untucked history. Morgan McMichaels and Mystique Summers clashed right away and set the tone for the very first episode of Untucked ever when they almost got into a physical altercation. After Morgan accused Mystique of having “no class and no manners” and telling her to “go fix your hair, fix your mug,” Mystique shot back with a threat that is now an iconic quote in Drag Race herstory: “I will whoop your f*ckin' ass, b*tch! I am from Chicago!”

13. Bob the Drag Queen versus Derrick Barry

Season 8 was full of huge personalities, which is a surefire recipe for conflict. Both Bob the Drag Queen and Derrick Barry had spats with a few queens during their run, but their biggest blowup was against one another. “Hey Bob, if I want to do ratchet drag next week, can you given me any tips?” Derrick instigated during one tense Werk Room exchange.

“If you want to do, like, memorable drag next week I could give you some tips,” Bob fired back. The confrontation ended with Bob stating, “If I wanted to hurt you, you’d be crying right now, b*tch!” The two remained at odds for much of the season before tentatively making up to win a group challenge and actually got along toward the end.

14. Pearl versus RuPaul

Fighting with a fellow contestant is one thing, but it takes real nerve to go up against the host of Drag Race herself. Before Season 7, it was pretty much unheard of that any contestant would talk back to RuPaul, but Pearl claimed her spot in herstory by engaging in a tense stare-down with the legendary drag icon. After Ru noted that Pearl did “not have a very big personality” during a Werk Room walkthrough, Pearl fought back by saying she didn’t appreciate the comment. When Ru said he was hoping to “light a fire under [her] ass,” the two stared at one another for what felt like centuries before Pearl quipped, “Is there something on my face?” The remark clearly angered Ru, and Pearl has continued to speak about her less-than-warm relationship with Ru after the show.

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