Sabrina Spellman takes center stage in 'Riverdale's Season 6, Episode 19 promo teaser.

Sabrina Is Turning All The Riverdale Girlies Into Witches In The Latest Promo

The witch is back.

The CW

Everything is going to hell on Riverdale, so what better time than now to bring in the Queen of Hell herself? That’s right — Sabrina Spellman is riding in on her broomstick once again. Well, technically, this will be the first time Sabrina has truly crossed over with Riverdale properly, since her earlier appearance was in the show’s bizarro parallel universe, Rivervale. So buckle up for the moment every Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale fan has been waiting for, because Riverdale’s Season 6, Episode 19 promo teases Sabrina is getting very witchy with the Riverdale gals.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 6, Episode 18. Sabrina’s arrival honestly could not come at a better time for the Riverdale crew. After Percival revealed he’s much more powerful than anyone realized, he culminated the biblical plagues he summoned to torture the town with the supernatural murder of all the townspeople’s firstborns. That meant Archie, Jughead, Toni, Fangs, and probably many more main characters suddenly croaked during Toni and Fangs’ wedding reception. Something big nees to happen to fix this, because the show simply cannot go on without Archie and Jughead, right? (Right?!)

Thankfully, a lethal curse is nothing a little Spellman magic can’t fix, and Cheryl’s witchy GF Heather quickly decided to call up the most powerful necromancer from her hometown of Greendale: Sabrina. And she won’t be alone. Cheryl, Betty, Veronica, and Tabitha also survived the spell alongside Heather, since they all have (or, in most cases, had) older siblings. The teaser for the upcoming episode shows Sabrina taking the women under her wing to form a new coven in Riverdale.

The Sabrina-Cheryl-Betty-Veronica-Tabitha-Heather coven’s mission is clear: Resurrect their fallen friends, and take down Percival Pickens once and for all.

Sabrina’s cameo comes 15 episodes after she first appeared in Riverdale’s parallel dimension Rivervale event at the start of Season 6. In that alternate timeline, Sabrina helped Cheryl put her ancestor Abigail’s spirit to rest, which later turned out to be a tease of the core universe’s storyline of Cheryl becoming briefly possessed by Abigail. As Rivervale has been seeping into Riverdale more and more toward the end of Season 6, Sabrina’s return will likely open the floodgates to the spooky otherworld heading into the fast-approaching season finale.

The synopsis for Episode 19, titled “The Witches of Riverdale,” doesn’t reveal any new information, except for teasing some more drama between Percival and Reggie.

When several of their own fall prey to Percival’s latest plan, Cheryl calls upon fellow witch Sabrina Spellman for help. Elsewhere, Percival gives Reggie an ultimatum.

Something witchy this way comes when the new episode of Riverdale premieres on Sunday, July 10, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.