Riley Keough's guitar strap in 'Daisy Jones & The Six' is an Elvis Presley Easter egg.

Riley Keough's Elvis Presley Easter Egg In Daisy Jones Is So Sweet

Wait, I love this.

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Daisy Jones & The Six isn’t just paying tribute to one iconic music act — star Riley Keough was also able to give her legendary grandfather Elvis Presley a small nod in the new series, although you might have missed it. It’s pretty well-known that Daisy Jones & The Six was loosely inspired by the internal drama of Fleetwood Mac, but Keough brought her own personal musical history into the buzzy book adaptation as well. Eagle-eyed fans noticed an Elvis Presley Easter egg in the show, and it’s a sweet connection between Keough’s rockstar character and her IRL rockstar grandpa.

The moment comes pretty early on in Daisy Jones & The Six. In Episode 2, Daisy Jones finally gets recognized for her singing and songwriting talents when big-shot producer Teddy Price crashes an open mic night she’s performing at. Daisy performs the original song “Two Against Three” accompanied only by a guitar and some clutch backing vocals from her bestie Simone. While most viewers were probably too transfixed by the ethereal ballad to notice it, Daisy’s performance included a famous Elvis artifact. Music-loving fans pointed out online that Daisy’s guitar strap is the same one Presley used in his 1968 comeback special.

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The red, white, and black patterned guitar strap is a pretty recognizable piece of music history. Keough’s own grandfather, Elvis Presley, showed it off during what would become one of his most famous performances ever: the ‘68 Comeback Special he taped for NBC that marked his return to music after nearly a decade-long hiatus. The importance of this special was recently highlighted in 2022’s Elvis, which emphasized how pivotal it was in Presley’s career.

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The patterned strap is also well-known for being used by Jimi Hendrix throughout his career, including during his legendary Woodstock set in 1969.

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By featuring the musical accessory, the show isn’t only elevating Daisy Jones’ status as an iconic performer of the late ‘60s, but also giving a cute, if-you-know-you-know nod to Keough’s family history.