Rihanna reportedly wants more kids with ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna Reportedly Wants More Kids With A$AP Rocky

... Does this mean more maternity fashion?

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky falling in love after being friends for years might be everyone’s favorite love story. A$AP confirmed their relationship in April 2021, and by May 2022, the couple had welcomed their first child. And it sounds like they’re open to expanding their family more. On Nov. 11, Entertainment Tonight reported that Rihanna wants more kids with A$AP.

"Rihanna and A$AP are so in love and have the best time together," an insider told the outlet. "They are also a great team when it comes to being parents to their baby boy. Rihanna always dreamed of being a mom and she takes a lot of pride in it. She would love to have more children with A$AP in the future."

However, it sounds like her current focus is her upcoming Super Bowl performance on Feb. 12, 2023. "Rihanna is excited for her Super Bowl performance," the source added. "She is trying to stay on the healthier side and feel good and fit ahead of it."

All things considered, it sounds like Rihanna is on top of the world right now — with A$AP beside her, obvi. Apparently, it took some work to get to that point. In an April interview, Rihanna explained how they got together. “People don’t get out of the friend zone very easily with me,” she explained. “And I certainly took a while to get over how much I know him and how much he knows me, because we also know how much trouble we can land each other in.”

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But a cross-country road trip changed her mind. “He became my family in that time,” she told the outlet. “I love the simple things but also the grand adventures... There’s no pretentious my-brand-your-brand bullshit, it’s just us living. I just feel like I can do any part of life by his side.” It seems like parenthood is just another one of those things.

Of course, Rihanna and A$AP should grow their fam at their own pace, but TBH, the countdown to more Rihanna-approved maternity fashion is starting now.