Raven Ross in the pods on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Raven Ross Explains *That* Jumping Jacks Moment On Love Is Blind

She admits it was a “bad decision.”


No one can doubt that Love Is Blind Season 3 star Raven Ross loves a good workout. From the start of the season, the pilates teacher made it clear that exercising was a top priority, and she made sure to get her heart pumping whenever she could. But one opportunity she took to do some jumping jacks left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. Now, Raven is addressing the ill-timed workout she did in the Love Is Blind pods.

“Watching it back — it's hard to watch, right?” Raven tells Elite Daily. Indeed, seeing Raven get her sweat on as her fellow cast member, Bartise Bowden, poured his heart out about his family’s backstory right on the other side of the wall was pretty cringe. And to make matters worse, Bartise could tell that Raven was working out as he was talking to her. It wasn’t long after that scene that Bartise ended things with Raven in order to purse his stronger connection with another contestant, Nancy Rodriguez.

“I am sorry,” Raven says. “Horrible timing, horrible taste. It was a bad decision. I was wrapped up in the pods. You don't get to see how long we're in there, but I'm making no excuses for myself.”


Raven went on to form a relationship with SK Alagbada in the pods, and the two of them left the first portion of the show as a happily engaged couple. But on Twitter, fans couldn’t get over that moment in the pods.

“Can anyone watching Love Is Blind S3 confirm this is quietly one of the most insane scenes in reality TV history?” one viewer wrote.

Another added: “Am I the only one who finds it incredibly rude that Raven is working out while these men share intimate details of their family lives with them?”

While Raven understands why fans are feeling some type of way about her jumping jacks, she does have her boundaries. “To the crazy people writing me paragraphs, DMs: Get a life.”

But one thing she’s totally fine with? “I love the memes, keep them coming.”

Love Is Blind Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.