Rachel Lindsay's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Tweets Are Incredible & So Spot On

The Bachelorette may have just ended, but Rachel Lindsay is still here to give us her unfiltered thoughts on the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise. And honestly, thank God for that. Rachel live-tweeted her heart out during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, and served up a healthy dose of shade along with her inside scoop on the new contestants.

First, Rachel revealed who is probably her favorite contestant on the new season. She excitedly exclaimed Raven had her back. The two women were both on Nick Viall's recent season of The Bachelor together.

But the real tea came when Rachel got shady towards Jasmine. After Jasmine claimed to be 26 years old in the first episode, Raven made a joke implying she might not be totally truthful about that.

Wow! OK, I know everyone was assuming that the whole DeMario-Corinne fiasco was going to be the most explosive part of this new season, but if Rachel keeps live-tweeting each episode like this, I am ready for her comments to be the real source of drama all season long.

Of course, Rachel's Twitter savagery is nothing new to those of us who have been watching her season of The Bachelorette while also constantly updating her Twitter feed. She was not one to shy away from shutting down haters or even calling out past contestants who were commenting on her decisions online throughout the whole season.

Let's not forget how Rachel took down past Bachelor contestant Leah Block for a racially insensitive tweet about her season. Or when she called out Lee for his history of racist tweets. Basically, Rachel seriously knows how to deliver the perfect dose of drama and shade in those 140 characters, and I am so, so excited to see her keep it up throughout this season of BIP.