'Bachelorette' Rachel Tweets About Lee After Sending Him Home


Rachel Lindsay sent Lee home tonight on The Bachelorette, and basically no one was sad to see him go.

In fact, after watching the episode air, Rachel wanted to rub a little more salt in Lee's wounds.

On Tuesday night, after the scene aired, Rachel took to Twitter to express her real feelings about Lee.

She tweeted,

YOWZER. Once again, Rachel did not hold back.

She didn't stop there, either.

She may have given Kenny a rose after the two-on-one date, but Rachel wasn't thrilled that he ditched her in the helicopter to go have one final round of words with Lee.

The bachelorette had one more final nugget of wisdom on the situation: Cockiness is not sexy.

Lee Garrett has been one of the more controversial contestants on this season of the show, and there was quite a lot of drama between him and Kenny.

As a reminder, Lee is the 30-year-old singer/songwriter from Mississippi.

ABC/Paul Hebert

Twitter has wanted to send Lee home for weeks after it was reported he allegedly tweeted some racist, sexist, and homophobic thoughts.

Interestingly enough, Lee apparently didn't even audition for the show. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said,

While the internet may have been onto Lee, it understandably took Rachel a little longer to figure out what he is really about. (Cut her some slack -- she didn't have Twitter helping her out during filming.)

After what's felt like hours of tension between him and Kenny, and a lot of "he said, he said," Rachel finally confessed she couldn't trust Lee, and sent him packing.

And the internet was here for her savage follow-up tonight.

Moral of the story? Rachel is queen.