Are Rachel & Bryan Still Together? TK


Well, here we are. Rachel Lindsay has finally given out her final rose, and along with it, and engagement ring. Rachel and Bryan Abasolo's white-hot romance burned up this season of The Bachelorette, but that's no guarantee it'll last. For shows that are supposed to end in marriage each season, The Bachelor and Bachelorette actually have a pretty low track record of creating lasting couples. So, will Rachel and Bryan stay together, defying all the Bachelor odds stacked against them?

Well, things seem to look good for the newly engaged pair right now. When the season first began airing, Rachel Lindsay confirmed she was indeed engaged and "very much in love." She and Bryan also recently had engagement parties, so they're still going strong. It seems like they really are on track to get married pretty soon.

And we could see Rachel and Bryan getting all lovey-dovey together on the live show during the Bachelorette finale. Even though the events of the show were taped months ago, it's clear Rachel and Bryan are still happily engaged — Bryan even took out a ring and re-proposed to Rachel in front of Chris Harrison and the live audience to prove there were no second thoughts. They even talked about a few wedding plans on the show (Rachel wants a winter wedding, apparently). Looks like this couple may go the distance!

Although Bryan and Rachel confirmed in the live show they are definitely still together, it's still a question among Bachelor Nation given how the Final Two elimination wound up going down. It seemed to a lot of viewers Rachel was leaning towards giving her final rose to Peter, but when he remained adamant in his conviction to not propose to Rachel in the finale if she selected him, Rachel and Peter both broke down in tears and broke up in a surprising emotional scene. Because of this, it wound up seeming like Bryan won the season by default to some. But then again, they definitely seemed super happy together in that finale, so it may have all worked out for the best.