This Quiz Will Tell You Which Adele Song Describes Your Life Right Now


If you've cried while listening to a song in the last five years, chances are, it was an Adele song.

Shout out to Adele for getting my cold, dead heart in touch with my emotions.

I know I'm not the only one who's felt a deep connection to one of Adele's emotional ballads. Homegirl just GETS us, on a deep, spiritual level.

OK, no, I don't really know what the lyrics "I set fire to the rain," mean, per say, but it just feels so right to scream them at the top of my lungs. Sure, it's not scientifically possible but like... the rain is my emotions. Probably.

The point is, today, May 5, is Adele's 28th birthday. In addition to being the possible title of her next album, 28 is a big year. Can you believe Adele has been speaking to our souls for almost a decade now?

In honor of Adele's special day, I've compiled a quiz for you all. Obviously, every Adele song speaks to you on SOME level, but which song is speaking to you the most right now? Which song should you have on repeat as you lie in your bed and contemplate your life?

Well hurry up and take this quiz, and you can find out!