Adorable Pug Dancing To 'Hotline Bling' Puts Drake's Moves To Shame (Video)

There are a lot of “Hotline Bling” memes floating around the Internet these days.

Helmut Newton does not want to clog the Web with another clip of Drake's wacky dancing set to the “Law & Order” theme song. No, Helmut wants to become the art he admires.

Helmut is a Toronto pug with a wardrobe rivaling Drizzy's own stock of beefy turtlenecks and statement jackets.

For Helmut, though, it isn't all about the clothes. It's also about the moves.

Without the ability to dance like the “cool” chaperone at prom, there is no “Hotline Bling.” Sure, Helmut's chubby pug body isn't built for human dance per se, but that doesn't stop him from going there.

Call him on your cell phone.

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