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Prince Harry's lawyers reportedly told the British government he “does not feel safe" in his home co...

Prince Harry Reportedly Doesn’t Feel Safe Bringing His Kids To The UK

His lawyers made the claim in a recent British court hearing.

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Two years after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back as senior royals in January of 2020 and subsequently lost their taxpayer-funded police protection in the U.K., the Duke of Sussex is fighting for new protection.

As The Associated Press reports, on Friday, Feb. 18, a court hearing was held in order to discuss the U.K. government’s decision to deny Prince Harry’s request to pay for police protection himself. The Duke wasn’t at the hearing, but AP says his lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, told the High Court that he “does not feel safe” in his home country due to the current “security arrangements.”

“It should go without saying that he wants to come back to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart,” Fatima said about Prince Harry’s return to the U.K. "Most of all, this is, and always will be, his home."

According to The Guardian, because Harry is currently not allowed to pay for police protection for his family himself, he reportedly feels he’s “unable to return to his home.” This comes months after Page Six reported he was chased by photographers following a charity event in London last year.

It is unclear if Harry’s request will be approved. According to the AP, Robert Palmer, a lawyer representing the British government, said Harry’s offer to pay for police security was beside the point because “personal protective security by the police is not available on a privately financed basis.”

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The recent legal quandary follows a rumor that Harry, Meghan, and their two kids, Archie and Lilibet, were reportedly planning on traveling to the U.K. in order to attend a memorial service for the Duke’s late grandfather, Prince Philip, this spring. But according to Page Six, they may skip the event if they don’t get the police security they need.