This 'Pretty Little Liars' Clue About Uber A Will Give You Serious Chills

by Caitlin Flynn

"Pretty Little Liars" isn't just a TV show — it's a way of life.

After seven years of theorizing, analyzing every single clue, and shipping our favorite couples (#Haleb for life), the final season has kicked off.

At the center of the drama, of course, is A — a mysterious villain who stalks and torments Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer.


Both Mona and Charlotte have worn the black hoodie, but Uber A (also known as A.D.) is by far the most frightening villain to target the Liars. His or her identity is the show's most perplexing mystery yet (aside from why the Liars always choose to go sleuthing in the woods at night, and then promptly split up).

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, I. Marlene King provided a significant clue about Uber A's identity. She said,

I really believed the original A had to be Mona — but we had to do that in a way that still surprises the fans of the books. I knew who our show's A would be at the end — who we haven't revealed yet — but I didn't know we'd have Little A in between that.

Cue all the new theories. 

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Although the list of suspects remains quite lengthy, this does narrow down the pool because it now seems safe to assume that Uber A is a character we've known since Season One. So, personally, I'm taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on the sketchiest Rosewood residents we met in "Pretty Little Liars" freshman season.

Also, does this mean there's still hope that Wren is Uber A? I just cannot quit this theory.


It also lends credence to theory that the N.A.T Club will come back into play. In case your memory is a little rusty, the club was a major deal in early seasons because its members possessed video footage of Ali and the Liars — and a tape of Jenna attempting to seduce Toby.

The N.A.T. club was founded by Jason, Garrett, and Ian, which means that Jason is currently the club's sole survivor — but Melissa and Jenna also had ties to the club and these two shady women definitely rank high on my suspect list.

Earlier this year, King tweeted that the reveal will be an emotional one because "every villain has a real human story" and she teased that Uber A may be relatable to viewers once we learn his or her story.


If anyone needs me, I'll be marathoning Season One of "Pretty Little Liars" just in case I missed any clues the first 10 times I watched it.

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