This One Detail Could Come Back To Hurt Spencer On 'Pretty Little Liars'


This week's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" was spectacular. It had all the right drama and was back at the quality of season 1, officially reminding me why I'm still watching this show after literally years of it driving me up the wall with plot twists and holes.

One of the best parts of this show is that although the plot is absurd, the characters are very real. They do dumb things and make mistakes and are actually affected by things that happen to them, which is more than most TV shows can say.

These women are clearly flawed, and perhaps none more so than Spencer Hastings.

On any other TV show, Spencer would've been the golden child smart hero. But "Pretty Little Liars" made her more interesting. Her potential for greatness, which every character around her continuously recognizes, pressures her to push further, often at expense to her wellbeing.

We've seen her take performance-enhancing drugs, use her sexuality to get ahead (remember Andrew?) and have a mental breakdown. Despite (or perhaps in spite of) her superior intelligence, Spencer is far from perfect.

This week's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" made that point clear.

Facing heavy boy drama with #Spaleb on top of, you know, trying to cover up a murder and figure out who's been terrorizing her, Spencer slips up in the fourth episode of season 7.

When she's supposed to be participating in the liars' bullshit plan to cover up Elliott's murder, Spencer succumbs to the pressure and has a drink.

And when a sexy stranger approaches, she has another drink. And another. And another. And then cheats on Caleb with said sexy stranger in an elevator.


Obviously, getting sloppy drunk and hooking up with Marco was bad, but Spencer may have done something even worse.

"Pretty Little Liars" made a big deal about who is paying for those drinks Spencer and Marco have.

But if you remember, earlier in the episode, Spencer's part in the plan to cover up the murder is to use Elliott's credit card to make it seem like he skipped town.

Spencer pays for the last set of drinks using a credit card. But it's possible that she accidentally used Elliott's card instead of her own.

If she did that, she would have totally screwed up the liars' plan and implicated herself, since the Radley bar is covered in cameras that would've caught her using the card.

In the preview for next week's episode of "PLL," we learn that Marco is an investigator.

He's apparently in Rosewood checking out the string of murders that casually happened in this charming Main Line town.

When he comes up to Spencer at the Radley, he asks her what she was doing that night. Spencer smiles and replies,

Burying a body.

Which is a cute pick-up line (lol), but not so cute when you consider what Marco would think when doing the investigation of Elliott's disappearance. Spencer, come on!

Either Spencer really messed up, or she's the secret genius we always knew she was.

The episode shows Spencer looking at the Radley bar camera, so she knew she was being recorded.

It's likely that she got herself on camera, getting plastered, so that she had an alibi for the night of Elliott's disappearance. This would kind of be throwing Aria and Hanna under the bus, since they don't have a recorded alibi themselves (Emily was working at the bar, so she's set), but we always knew Spencer had a penchant for self-preservation, even at the expense of those close to her.

As always, we'll have to wait and see what this leads to.