You Probably Never Put Together These Details About Elliott Rollins On 'PLL'

by Alexandra Svokos

Tuesday's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" gave us some serious answers to a secret they've been teasing. But – as always with this show – there are still, like, 185 things we don't know.

Spoilers ahead for 7x03.

At the beginning of season seven, we got a flash-forward showing Aria, Spencer and Emily digging a hole for a body.

The three of them are obviously distraught. Aria says,

Oh my God, poor Hanna.

At the end of Tuesday's episode, we presumably find out who they're digging that grave for. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are driving to find Alison, who has been kidnapped by her husband/doctor/torturer, Elliott Rollins. While Hanna is driving, she accidentally runs him over and kills him.

This potentially explains a few things. It makes sense – well, in "PLL"-world logic – that they would be digging a grave to hide Elliott's body. It also explains why Aria feels bad for Hanna, who would understandably be distressed over, you know, killing a man. (Luckily, Aria and Emily know the feeling, so they can help her out.)

So, assuming "Pretty Little Liars" doesn't pull some "PLL"-style plot twist, the flash-forward was about burying Rollins, which means... we maybe actually got an answer about something on this show!

But – as with everything else on this Hydra of a show – one answer just leads to more questions.

Toby used his police magic to figure out that (shocker) Rollins was probably not who he said he was.

Toby searches for Rollins' name in the police database, but only finds a violation from 1958. Obviously, hot young Elliott was not old enough to have gotten that violation.

That is, unless he was an old man wearing a mask. Honestly, we wouldn't put that past "Pretty Little Liars."

But what that finding most likely means is Rollins probably stole this old dude's identity. The episode's title, "The Talented Mr. Rollins," was a good hint about this. "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is a book about a man who kills another man, and then steals his identity.

So, who actually was Elliott Rollins?

In Tuesday's episode, we get some clues about who he wasn't.

The Liars find out from his credit card statement that he stayed at an Amish bed and breakfast at the same time Ali said they were at his family farm. It's likely, then, that Elliott pretended that this B&B was his family farm.

Aria and Hanna visit the farm and find a creepy little Amish girl with – naturally – dolls that look like the girls.

The girl tells Aria and Hanna that Elliott went to the farm a lot with Charlotte: not Ali. The girl also drops that she saw the pair kissing sometimes.

Which is, OK, fair. We knew Elliott was in love with CeCe/Charlotte. But it's definitely not a good look that he may have been sneaking her out of the mental hospital for romantic trysts.

One thing we know for sure is that Rollins was not a good doctor.

It's also entirely possible that the Amish girl was trained by A to tell the Liars exactly that story. So who even knows what's going on?

In previous "Pretty Little Liars" episodes, we learned Rollins secretly had (or at least used) a British accent.

We've had pretty solid confirmation that good old Wren Kingston will be back sometime this season. If you remember at all, Wren was that cute British guy Melissa was with, who then had some super hot chemistry with Spencer.


By collecting these pieces of information together, it's easy to make the leap that Elliott was related to Wren somehow.

This relationship would explain why this random dude got involved in the whole DiLaurentis mess in the first place. It would also explain how he got into the Rosewood medical community, since Wren was a doctor there, too.

Melissa was supposed to be living with Wren in England, but Toby found out she wasn't a while back. Wren and Melissa have always been generally sus, so surely there's some explanation as to why a brother – OR TWIN – of Wren would come back to Rosewood.

Wren wouldn't be the only "Pretty Little Liars" character making a comeback.

The preview for next week's episode shows none other than shit-stirrer Jenna.

Honestly, I always thought Jenna was just a run-of-the-mill mean girl who accidentally got caught up in the liars' mAssive mess, and had nothing to do with A.

But hey, you never know. Maybe she's Rollins' ex-lover's twin sister's ex-lover, and also Mary Drake's secret daughter.

Let's be real: "Pretty Little Liars" has pulled crazier things in the past.

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