The 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' theme song is a remix of the original show's theme.

The PLL: Original Sin Theme Song Will Give You All The Nostalgia

It seriously slaps.


HBO Max’s new Pretty Little Liars sequel series Original Sin introduces a whole new set of girls caught up in a twisted murder mystery, but fans of the original show will recognize something very familiar right off the bat. The opening credits actually give viewers a glimpse at A, the masked figure causing all the mayhem, and although the murderer is terrorizing the town of Millwood, the theme song will take you right back to Rosewood. The Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin theme song is a perfect representation of the new series: a nostalgic nod to the Liars who came before, but remixed for a whole new generation.

When Pretty Little Liars premiered back in 2010, its theme song immediately telegraphed the show’s creepy, haunting vibe. That song was “Secret,” a tune by the sister duo The Pierces. The song’s central theme of a deadly secret was the perfect fit for Pretty Little Liars, and that remains true to this day. Since there’s really no better song for the show, Original Sin brought the haunting tune back, but the new version adds a few tweaks.

The Original Sin version of “Secret” ups the creepiness even more by drawing out The Pierces’ vocals into ghostly wails and adding disturbing echoes to the harmonies. The real focus of this remix, though, is the new instrumentals. Unsettling thumps and horrific screeches underscore the theme, an early indication that Original Sin focuses much more heavily on the slasher genre than the original show did.

Aside from the theme song, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin actually doesn’t seem to reference the first series all too much. Of course, the general premise of a group of high-school girls being stalked by a mysterious murderer who goes by “A” is the same, but there are no familiar faces in the bunch — at least, not yet. Fans are hopeful one or more of the original Liars will pop up at some point, but it remains to be seen if there will be any connecting cameos.

New episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin release Thursdays on HBO Max.