This 'Pretty Little Liars' Character Might Actually Be Heading To Jail

Freeform/James White

Things are not looking very good for Aria on Pretty Little Liars.

The end of this week's episode put Aria in a horrible place, to say the least, and it seems that the cops are about to catch up with her -- and all the liars' lies.

Throughout this finale half-season, Aria has been playing for the dark side.

Fed up with being tortured by the new A.D., she gave in. The character, played by Lucy Hale, asked to join the A-team.

So she's been working with A.D. (and/or Mona), and in so doing, she has been torturing her friends on A.D.'s behalf. Way to be a team player, Aria, and after all you have been through together!

But, for real, it's kind of crazy that it took this long for one of them to just give up and switch sides already.

Anyways, Aria's been doing all this garbage stuff, hoping for a reprieve from A.D.

And it worked out!

See, the Rosewood police, led by the newly returned Detective Tanner, have been investigating the murder of Archer Dunhill.

In case you forgot, the liars killed him, so they've been trying to cover it up. Why they didn't just tell the cops it was a mistake in self-defense, I'll never know.

In this week's episode, Tanner got search warrants on all the liars for the murder. She really seemed to be actually doing her job and finding evidence for once.

But then, in the middle of the episode, Tanner shows up and brings Aria's stuff back to her, saying that she received a trusty alibi. That alibi was presumable from A.D. and keeps Aria safe from going to jail for the murder of Archer.

And then near the end of the episode, Aria gets fed up of playing on A.D.'s side, especially after her friends find out and get mad at her for, you know, terrorizing them.

She tells A.D. that she's done. She does this while driving, which makes me very nervous. She really should use a hands-free device. Safety first!

Aria's driving and yelling at A.D., and then she loses control of her car -- presumably A.D. takes control of it -- and ends up in some dirt. She steps out of the car.

She opens the trunk, and there is the dug-up body of Archer Dunhill. As she gasps, what looks like a cop car starts flashing lights and coming towards her.

While the liars have been trying to escape the police, it seems as if Aria might have just walked right into A.D.'s trap -- and right into jail.