'Pretty Little Liars' May Have Confirmed This Major Theory About Who AD Is

by Alexandra Svokos

Pretty Little Liars may have just told us who is actually A.D.

... Or they could've just really thrown us off in the final episodes of the series. You can never really know for sure what exactly is going on with this insane show.

But it seemed like it was a big reveal moment.

As you probably know, the final 30 seconds of any Pretty Little Liars episode is where all the action happens.

Seriously. This week's episode was mostly a drag -- except for that Haleb moment -- until the final 30 seconds, when all the sudden it was crazy shocking and exciting and ohmygod I have to watch next week's episode like right now.

So at the end of the episode, Emily is waiting for Mona in the hallway outside her apartment.

Mona got pulled in to work with the main girls to figure out what A.D. is playing at with the board game. So Emily is waiting to tell her they need more help. She delivers her message and leaves.

Mona then goes inside her ridiculously beautiful apartment.

She walks through an immaculately furnished living room to a darkened office.

The camera turns to show a mess of papers on Mona's walls. There are mugshots of everyone who's been arrested on this show, detailed maps of Rosewood, and a diagram of the board game.

Pretty much, they made it look like she was A.D. back in the lair, messing with her little dolls.

In case you forgot, Mona actually was A a long time back, but she's been clean ever since the dollhouse, as far as we know.

So for her to turn around and suddenly be the mastermind behind the manipulative terrorizing would... actually... make a lot of sense.

Mona's really the only one who could pull off something this smart and complicated, and we know she has the character to do it because she's done it before.

On the other hand, this could simply be a way for show creator I. Marlene King to throw us off the scent. Like, I would also totally believe it if this were just Mona doing the work to track down A.D. for our main girls.

As it always is with Pretty Little Liars, we'll just have to wait till next week to see if anything will ever be answered.