Your Favorite 'Pretty Little Liars' Couple Is Engaged But The Proposal Was So Weird


Pretty Little Liars finally gave us the proposal we've been waiting years for on this week's episode.

Except that it was a pretty damn weird proposal.

I mean seriously, after years of waiting and waiting and waiting to see if this couple would be #endgame, the proposal moment was very much a letdown.

So, let's get to it. The couple that got engaged on this week's episode was...HANNA AND CALEB!

Which, honestly, thank goodness. And congratulations to all you Haleb shippers, you've finally got your victory.

It was unclear for a while which couples would actually end up together by the end of the series -- and, of course, we've still got more episodes left, so for all we know, Haleb may be done by the end of the series. Anything could happen! This show will kill me!

We had the abrupt Paily / Emison switcheroo, Spoby is nowhere to be seen, and Ezria is just a complete and total mess.

But, for now anyways, it seems like Haleb is totally set.

They were always the best couple anyways, don't at me.

But as happy as I am to have them finally be engaged, the proposal scene was such a letdown.

It happened when Queen Ashley Marin appeared back in town and at Hanna's (well, Lucas') apartment.

Ashley got back to Rosewood just to be questioned by the police for destruction of evidence at the Radley Hotel. Little does she know, Caleb and Hanna were the ones who destroyed the evidence.

So Ashley's asking Caleb and Hanna all these pointed questions to figure out if Hanna's in trouble with the police -- and if that's why Caleb and Hanna are together again, so Caleb could help her out.

To distract Ashley, Caleb starts monologuing. He tells Ashley that he's not there to help Hanna, he's there because she helps him...in the romance department.

Caleb says,

I know that we drifted apart for a while and we almost ended up with other people, which would've been a disaster, because I would've spent the next 50 years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't imagine my life without Hanna. And I don't want to.

Finally, he goes in for the kill, saying,

I wanna marry your daughter Mrs. Marin. No bells and whistles, just the two of us exchanging vows and finally make this official.

Mrs. Marin says they have something to celebrate over the wine they were already going to drink. Hanna looks confused.

And...that's it. That's the proposal scene. No kisses, no smiles, no hugs.

But I. Marlene King must've known you would've been disappointed with that, so she gave us a sweet follow-up scene.

Later in the episode, Caleb and Hanna are in a tent in the woods. (Why? Who knows.)

It's obviously a throwback to when they first got together in a tent in the woods a hundred years ago.

Hanna's still confused about what Caleb said to her mom, so she asks Caleb if he was serious about marrying her.

He responds,

I would marry you right this second if we could find a bear who's licensed.


Hanna takes out champagne and cigars. They then take the paper rings off the cigars and use them as engagement rings. It's super cute.

So there, folks. It happened! Let's hope it lasts!