10 'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes That Will Help You Get Over Your Breakup

by Danielle Cuaycong
Warner Bros. Television

Nestled away in Pennsylvania lies the quaint town of Rosewood.

Behind its incredible wealth and prestige are the women from "Pretty Little Liars" and their intricate and endless web of mysteries, bewildering Red Coats and creepy text messages from A.

However, what lies deeper behind the woods that they always seem to get caught walking through in the middle of the night is the painful love and enormous drama that each Liar endures.

So, here are some of the most bomb quotes that will help you get over your breakup.

Just remember, if all the "PLL" gals have gone through heartbreak and come out the other side OK, so will you.

1. "Why does every woman think that she can change a guy?" - Alison

GIRL, if he isn't giving you the time and attention you deserve, you don't need him at all.

Don't even bother arguing with him because if he loved you, he'd make the time for you.

2. "When you love someone, it's worth fighting for no matter what the odds." - Aria

Yes, relationships can inevitably become twisted, complicated and painful.

But if your SO isn't fighting for you just because he's tired and wants it to be easy, he's definitely not worth fighting for, either.

3. "I'm going to listen to every sad song I've ever downloaded on repeat." - Hanna

Feel free to buy Adele's album and blast it on repeat while shouting, "SEND MY LOVE TO YOUR NEW LOVER!" furiously outside your window.

Who said we aren't allowed to be bitter?

4. "It sucks, doesn't it? Feeling like you're second choice." - Jenna

No matter how many times you told yourself he loved you, you (and your heart) knew you were just the second choice.

Heck, you may have even been third.

He had no space for you in his life, and of course, you knew it.

The aching pain of knowing you weren't number one hurt you so much, but you still put up with it for love.

5. "You lied to me, so I don't trust you." - Hanna

Lying can be painful, big or small.

If your ex is begging and inundating you with romantic messages about how sorry he is, tell him to get his sorry butt out of your life because you should never lie to the one you love.

6. "I am really getting tired of everyone treating me like I was made out of glass." - Emily

He thought you'd "stick by him" no matter how much he hurt you just because you "loved him." But let's be real here: You're only human.

There's only so much you can take. He shatters your heart again and again, and then he proceeds to tell you he'll change and it'll get better.

But, it never does.

You aren't disposable, and you need to tell him that, too.

7. "People change, OK? They grow." - Hanna

In the same way your ex probably changed and grew to be the horrible monster he is (He could be a nice guy, but for fresh heartbreaks, we'll stick with monster), you will become an even better person.

You'll realize you never needed him in the first place, and the heartbreak will make you a much stronger person.

You'll eventually learn to forgive him (maybe) and move on, and when that happens, he'll come back full of apologies.

But, it will be way too late.

8. "Just because you're ready for this doesn't mean I am." - Aria

Love is unfair, and heartbreak is unfair.

And just because he's ready to let you go and let all of the memories dissipate into space, that doesn't mean you are.

If you could postpone the breakup and ask him to love you for a tiny bit longer, you would.

But guess what? You're a strong and independent woman who doesn't need a man, so walk away.

9. "God, you deserve an Oscar for that performance." - Spencer

Not only is your ex-boyfriend good-looking, smart, athletic and funny, but he's also the best ACTOR ever.

This is what you need to tell him when he's lied to you endlessly and puts the blame on you for the failures of the relationship.

10. "We think we know who we are, but we don't. Not until something bad happens to us, and all the useless things fall away, and we're left with who we really are." - Jenna

Behind all the glitz and glamour of his life, from the plethora of photos of him with girls at a club to his successful job, when something bad happens in his life, he'll realize how you were the one there for him when no one else was.

At the end of the day, if he chooses to let go of you because he loves other things, that's his loss, not yours.