5 Life Lessons 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Taught Us Throughout The Series

by Emily Christoforou (Rorich)
Warner Bros. Television

For seven years now, "Pretty Little Liars" has intrigued us with countless anonymous messages, massive secrets and lies, an abnormally attractive cast, the cutest-ever couple names and the grand ol' question, “Who is A?”

As the show nears its end (brace yourself), I thought I'd take a moment to do some reflecting.

I realized that, endless mysteries aside, the Liars have actually taught us a number of valuable real-life lessons over the years.

While we may not ever have to learn how to deal with a mysterious being who threatens our lives and somehow knows all of our deepest darkest secrets, there are other pieces of advice we can learn from the Liars:

Alison DiLaurentis: The Transformer

We all know Ali used to be a Class-A bitch, giving everyone mean nicknames, threatening to spill her friends' secrets and blinding people with stink bombs.

But when she returned home after years on the run, Ali was a completely different person.

She apologized to a bunch of people for the way she used to treat them, she stopped bullying her friends and she slowly learned to replace lying with honesty.

She even forgave her twisted older sister for making her and her friends' lives hell.

But, the biggest life lesson Ali has taught us is that it's possible for us to change for the better.

We might've been just like Ali in the past or had our own personal downfalls, but we all have the opportunity to grow.

Aria Montgomery: The Loyal Lover

The biggest life lesson Aria (and Ezra) taught is that true love wins.

Over the years, Ezria have miraculously conquered a number of difficult situations, including a tricky teacher-student relationship, Aria's unhappy parents, Ezra's evil mom, a bitchy ex-fiancé and a secret son, other partners and of course, the unveiling of Ezra's sneaky secret book-writing.

The ridiculously good-looking couple has shown us that in any situation, you and your boo can choose to continue to love.

Here's hoping that we do get to see a beautiful Ezria wedding before the year ends!

Emily Fields: The Honest Voice

Emily's biggest life lesson is that we need to be honest and forthcoming, even if it takes a while to do.

After keeping silent for so long, Emily eventually came out, even though her very own mother was completely against it.

Maybe you're in the same boat as Emily, maybe you want to be an artist even though your parents want you to be an engineer or maybe you believe in a God that others think is imaginary.

Whatever it is, be brave and courageous. Be like Emily and voice what you believe because hiding and pretending sucks.

Spencer Hastings: The Discoverer

Spencer taught us that we need to give people a chance because you never know how great they really could be.

The girls used to hate Toby. They went with Ali to stink bomb his house, they told Emily to stay away from him and at one point, they were even convinced that he killed Ali.

But after Spencer realized Toby was just being framed, she decided to ignore what everybody else thought of him and find out for herself.

And as we all know, she ended up falling in love with a sensitive hunk who gave her a Scrabble necklace, built her a rocking chair and became a cop literally just so that he can protect her.

It just goes to show that the person everybody else is down on could end up being your new best friend.

Hanna Marin: The Forgiver

Hanna is the ultimate forgiveness teacher.

She forgave Caleb for snooping around her house because Jenna paid him to, she showed her evil step-sister Kate around school even though she's evidently a sneaky little bitch and most impressively, she somehow even managed to forgive Mona for almost killing her, threatening all her friends and straight-up lying to her face.

She shows us how to rise above grief and give someone a second shot, especially if that person is important in your life.

I just hope we can see more of these positive attributes in every character during the final season of "Pretty Little Liars" this April!