"Outer Banks" behind-the-scene facts

24 'Outer Banks' Behind-The-Scenes Facts Only True Pogues Would Know


You've watched the show, you're following the cast, you've seen the bloopers. Now, you're officially getting desperate for more content from the Pogues, am I right? Luckily, there's more where that came from: These Outer Banks behind-the-scenes facts are just what viewers need to keep the chill (yet also somehow still adventure-packed) vibes flowing.

Fans have come to love the show — which is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, naturally — for its very attractive characters, its soap opera-level drama, and its fierce friendships shown onscreen. It turns out, however, there's so much more to the teen drama than just what you see in the final product. With the adventure, the romance, the setting, and the characters themselves, there was a lot that went into making Outer Banks one of the hottest Netflix shows of 2020.

Ever since the series premiered on April 15, fans have gotten to know the cast through their silly Instagrams and candid interviews, both of which have revealed tons of details about the show fans wouldn't know otherwise. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the making of Outer Banks that will have even the most dedicated fans might not know.

Season 1 Filmed During The Summer Of 2019

Though filming was completed in under four months, according to a crew member on Reddit, the days were extremely hot under the Carolina sun. The most sweltering shot? The one on the tarmac. The was very little shade and the only relief was a military-style air conditioner rigged to a tent for the cast and crew to cool down in.

The Series Was Filmed In Charleston, South Carolina

Though the series takes place in North Carolina (and the team was originally planning to shoot there), it was filmed in the Charleston area in protest to North Carolina's "bathroom bill" (HB-142), a state law preventing cities from passing laws that protect transgender people's access to public accommodations.

But Was Based On Wilmington, North Carolina

“When we wrote it, it was 100 percent Wilmington in our heads,” co-creator, writer, and director Jonas Pate told the Raleigh News & Observer. Wilmington is a port city known for its scenic riverwalk and island beaches.

The Cameron House Is Historic

Sarah Cameron's (Madelyn Cline) fictional home is actually called Lowndes Grove (or "The Grove") IRL, and was built in 1786. The waterfront property is on the National Register of Historic Places and is rented out as a wedding and event venue.

Chase Stokes Isn't A Teen Like John B.

Though he plays a minor, Stokes is actually 27, a decade older than John B. He's the oldest member of the Pogues cast, the rest of whom are in their early 20s.

The Youngest Cast Member Is 17

Julia Antonelli, who plays Sarah's younger sister Wheezie, turned 17 in April 2020 — which is still too young to learn the hard way that vodka and Crystal Light don't mix.

There's An Explanation For *That* Geography Mistake

Social media was very outspoken with one error in Outer Banks: Chapel Hill is landlocked, so it would be impossible to take a ferry to or from that city, like John B. and Sarah do. But this wasn't just a random gaffe.

“I don’t want people to think that we don’t know Chapel Hill isn’t near the coast," Pate told McClatchy News. “In the original script, they took a ferry from an island to the coast, then took an Uber to Chapel Hill. But that scene of them getting into the Uber and driving to Chapel Hill was cut, and never even shot. We cut it not realizing it would imply Chapel Hill was on the coast."

John B. & Sarah's Kiss In The Rain Was A Fluke

On the day of filming for John B. and Sarah's kiss scene, Pate, Stokes, and Cline decided the rainy weather was fate. "[We] kinda looked at each other and we were all like, ‘Let’s do it. We gotta do this. This is amazing, this is kismet right now, that is so romantic,'" Cline told Cosmopolitan.

"[The crew] was like, ‘Hell yes, we’re doing this, full Notebook vibes.’ And, yeah, so we just dedicated the entire day to making sure we did that scene justice."

John B. & Sarah's Sex Scene Was Very Thought-Out

The team discussed showing more of the intimate moment between Sarah and John B. during the bell tower scene, but decided against it.

“In Episode 3, I believe, you see Topper really, really driving that whole interaction with her," Cline told Cosmopolitan about Sarah's other almost-sex scene, which felt pressurized and uncomfortable. “With the scene in the bell tower, we could have taken it further — and Valerie [Weiss, the episode's director] obviously asked if I wanted to. But I told her I really wanted it to be really sweet. I wanted Sarah to be the one driving it so that we see that difference.”

The Cast Basically Lived Together During Filming

Stokes lived with Rudy Pankow (JJ) during filming to really solidify their bond. Plus, they may be enemies on the show, but Jonathan Daviss (Pope) and Austin North (Topper) were roomies IRL, just a few doors down from Stokes and Pankow, with Cline living a floor below them. A five-minute drive away was Drew Starkey (Rafe) and Madison Bailey (Kiara).

"On the weekends everybody would come over, play games, blast music, eat food," Stokes told Nylon.

They Also Quarantined Together While Promoting The Show

Pankow, Stokes, Starkey, and Cline were all quarantined together for about a month and a half — including when the show was released. "We were all here for our first interviews, and it was honestly like having the greatest support system ever. We’d have our interviews and then we would make mimosas or celebrate and talk about it," Cline told Cosmopolitan.

A Hurricane Halted Filming

While filming during the summer of 2019, the team was forced to evacuate the city due to Hurricane Dorian. "We dipped and went to Asheville, North Carolina," Bailey told Elite Daily.

Stokes Initially Passed On The Show

Stokes originally turned down the show because he was afraid it was a Goonies rip-off. "The first time I got the audition [information], it was the most bland email I've ever got," Stokes told the Chicks in the Office podcast. Then, once he changed his mind, he originally auditioned for Topper before eventually landing the role of John B.

Pankow Almost Played John B.

Even though Pankow wanted to play JJ from the start, the producers were set on him being John B. "I actually read through Rafe, JJ [and], John B. within like two weeks," he told Us Weekly. He flew to Charleston for a final reading thinking he was playing John B., only to learn producers wanted him for JJ.

Stokes Isn't Scuba Certified

The first time Stokes dove was on set during the scene in which John B. investigates Scooter's boat. All he had was a quick tutorial before shooting, and he never got Scuba certified, which is honestly such a John B. move.

But He Does Have His Boating License

While he might not be able to legally breathe underwater, he is licensed to drive on it. "I didn’t tell any of the creators [of Outer Banks] this when I was cast," he told Refinery29. "When we were in Charleston, I reached in my wallet and pulled out my boating license. They were like ‘Great, that makes everything a lot easier.’"

Bailey Earned Multiple Reputations On Set

Wanna know where all those fab BTS shots on Instagram come from? Chances are, Bailey took them. Her fellow Pogues said she was the most likely to be caught taking selfies. In addition to snapping, she was also often late to set after stopping for coffee.

Cline Is Apparently The Least Like Her Character

The cast agreed Cline has the least in common with her character, spoiled rich-girl Sarah — which is interesting, since she's actually from the town where the show was filmed.

Bailey & Cline Are Basically Pogues IRL

Neither leading lady was unfamiliar to the setting of their Netflix hit. Bailey is from North Carolina and Cline's hometown is Charleston. With roots based around the show, both actors said this aspect helped with their roles.

Daviss (Pope) Gave His Co-Stars A Memorable Wrap Gift

After filming ended, Daviss gave his fellow Pogues matching bracelets that said "Pogues for life." The only problem? He spelled "Pogues" wrong. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?

Chase Stokes's Set Reputation Is #WorkGoals

In a video interview for Buzzfeed, the stars of the series all agreed Stokes was the most likely to be found snacking or napping. His fave on-set snack? Cheez-Its.

The Cameron Siblings Live In The Same Building IRL

It turns out, Cline lives just one floor below Starkey. Luckily, they seem to have a much better relationship with each other than their characters do.

Writing For Season 2 Is Underway

Pate is already working on the continuing adventures of Outer Banks, and according to Pate, if Season 2 gets the green light from Netflix, fans can expect some new scenery.

“There would be a couple episodes that take place, at least partially, in the Bahamas,” he told USA Today. “It unfolds into a bigger mystery. We keep our old villains and we add some new ones. But it always comes back to the Outer Banks.”

'Outer Banks' Could Run For 4 Seasons

Though Netflix has yet to officially announce anything, a second season of Outer Banks is a strong possibility. Pate even told USA Today he envisions Outer Banks having four seasons total, so if fans are lucky, there's still a lot more adventure in store for the Pogues and Pogues-at-heart.